Random Reality – American Idol – Top 8 Men

Last week, I went a disappointing 1 for 4 in my predictions. Although, I said either Alaina or Antonella would go home, I just picked the wrong one. Oh well, that still makes 5 for 8 on the season. Better than .500 so good enough for me. The final 8 guys compete to make it to the “Final 12”. Which 6 will move on and which two will go home? I hope to predict correctly this week, so lets get started…

**NOTE** I’m writing this as I watch it, so some of the song names will be missing since I can’t look them up until later**

Blake Lewis sang a 311 song. None of the judges knew the song, so it was up to Ryan to tell us it was 311 that sang it. I don’t know the title, but I have heard it before. It is definitely different, but it wasn’t the best vocally. Still Blake should easily make it to the “Final 12”. All of the judges agree.

Sanjaya Malakar was next and he sang a John Mayer song called “Waiting on the World to Change”. This was really weak. I still don’t know how he survived last week and neither did he. Hopefully he is gone this week, but he really scares me since he has a “different” look to him. Randy wonders what happened to the Sanjaya they first saw. Paula stutters and says nothing of note! Simon says it wasn’t as bad as last week, but still not good. Simon thinks his hair is the only reason he is still in the competition.

Jason “Sundance” Head sang a Pearl Jam song called “Jeremy” I think. This was a little messy for me. Randy said it was pitchy, but he put his own spin to it and that made it good. Simon thought last week was better than this week. He calls him a “generic bar singer” this week. He didn’t like the song really.

Chris Richardson sang “Tonight I Wanna Cry” by Keith Urban. This is actually a good song and he sang it extremely well. Randy liked him switching things up and he says “he is here to win it”. Paula liked it. Simon thought it was good, but not floored by it. It was “cutesy” says Simon. Simon says he sold the song and that’s good enough for now. He has potential to be better, though.

Jared Cotter sang a very weird song. It was called “Hanging Around” by Stevie Wonder. Randy was worried when he heard he was singing that song, but he liked it. Paula is negative for a change. She wants to see something different from him. Simon thought it wasn’t very original. He says it gets “lost” in the shuffle. He wasn’t “WOWed” by it.

Brandon Rogers sang “Celebrate” by someone I should know. Randy thought it was “solid” but not impressive. Paula loved it. Simon didn’t think he represented himself well here. Simon says he may have problems this week. Well, not all of them can move on. He’s on the fence for me.

Phil Stacey sang “I Need You” by Leann Rhimes. WOW, that was a surprise. Eh, it wasn’t the best song he has sung. Probably good enough to make it to the finals. Randy says the high parts are great, but the low parts are “all over the place”. Paula agrees. He started off badly and improved. No one liked the song choice. Simon thought the whole thing was “odd”. I agree with Simon. This week has been disappointing as a whole for the guys.

Chris Sligh finished us off by singing “We All Want To Be Loved” by I have no idea. Good way to finish things off. Best of the night for me. Randy thought it wasn’t the best song choice for him, but said it was the best of the night. Paula is on crack! She didn’t like it at all! It wasn’t the best song for him, I agree. Simon thought the beginning was good, but went downhill from there. Simon says he has lots of potential, though.

So it goes down like this. I think there are 3 or 4 guys that should be LOCKS for the “Final 12”. Then there is about three or four who could be competing for that final spot. Overall, though this week SUCKED for the guys as a whole. Quite generic and somewhat boring. Here is my breakdown…

My Standings

1. Chris Sligh
2. Chris Richardson
3. Blake Lewis

4. Phil Stacey
5. Jason “Sundance” Head

6. Jared Cotter
7. Brandon Rogers
8. Sanjaya Malakar

I think Chris Sligh, Chris Richardson, and Blake Lewis are locks to make it to the “Final 12”. I would throw Phil Stacey in that group as well, but his song choice this week was not that great. So he is not an automatic lock, but he is in no danger of leaving. I think Sundance will make it as well, because he will get the “rock” vote. So that leaves Jared, Brandon, and Sanjaya. Let me say this. Sanjaya SHOULD go home. That’s for sure. He still worries me, but he should go home. Now I have a hard time picking between Brandon and Jared, since they are pretty much equal on talent and look. But based on tonight, and a flip of the coin, I predict that Jared will be the 6th guy into the finals. I predict Brandon and Sanjaya will get the cut. Although, I could see Sanjaya making it and both Brandon and Jared leaving. America has been known to act retarded around this stage of the game. Find out on Thursday…

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