Missing Links: Updates from Around the Net


WWE.com remembers the late Bad News Brown here and if you want to watch the Saturday Night’s Main Event from March 11, 1989, which was headlined by Hulk Hogan vs. Bad News Brown, on WWE 24/7, click here for more info.

WWE issued a press release on Stone Cold joining the Wrestlemania card.

Matt Striker talks about Mania and his Word of the Week is inept.

JR bumped into Johnny Fairplay and Terry Funk at the airport – so of course, he blogged about it here.

Eric Bischoff’s latest blog entry is about his decision to reveal spoilers that Mick Foley won the WWF title on Nitro.

Want Ashley behind the scenes Playboy pix? Of course you do.

There’s a WWE.com interview with Hall of Famer-to-be Nick Bockwinkle here, and will be a bunch of Wrestlemania polls here.

Batista had a rough childhood, and has even been arrested.

Linda is Wonder Woman. Don’t believe me? Fine.

Luke Perry is the subject of the latest “Seein’ Superstars” WWE Broadband show.

There’s a great story about Ted DiBiase over on SLAM! Wrestling.

Finally… Matt Hardy loves life, AND loves The Undertaker. Ironic? Read about it on his MySpace blog.

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