Big Show’s Contract, Notes from Mick Foley Interview, WWE on Smallville and Jim Ross Talks WWE Ratings

In his latest blog entry, Jim Ross notes that this past week’s RAW was “the #1 ranked program on ALL of television Monday night for males 12-17 years of age. That’s on all of TV, broadcast or cable. Raw was also #1 with men 12-34, 18-24, 18-49, and 25-54 and aired in over 4.5 million households.” Other excerpts from the post:

On rumors that WWE’s bringing in ECW Tag Team Titles:
If the powers that be feel it is necessary, have at it, but I feel that it’s premature.

On Mick Foley getting “heat” for his book:
Mick expresses his personal opinion in his writings and some people will not like Mick’s characterization of them. I suggest they get over it.

On rumors Jerry Lawler doesn’t have final say in who’s presenting him at the Hall of Fame ceremony:
Each inductee can select his or her presenter…

In other news:

– The episode of Smallville that features Ashley and Kane will air on March 22 at 8pm ET (two weeks from today), according to Pro Wrestling Insider.

– From Paul “The Big Show” Wight has reportedly quit smoking and lost a lot of weight in an effort to get healthy now that he’s off the road. Even though his WWE contract officially expired a few days ago, he is not expected to go right to TNA, but rather has a new project that will likely be announced between now and the summer. He recently turned down a six-figure deal for WWE to retain rights to his likeness.

– In an interview last night on In Your Head Radio, Mick Foley talked about his book, Hardcore Diaries. In the interview, Mick talks about how the idea of a third autobiography was actually Vince McMahon’s idea, he says he shouldn’t be considered “top tier” to wrestling fans, but is because they got to know him through the books and Commissioner Foley character, and that the mental connection is stronger from handwriting a book vs. typing it. He also answers callers’ questions about Test/Al Snow jokes, admits to not speaking with The Rock since their Wrestlemania XX match, and puts over RAW head writer Brian Gewirtz. Additionally, he said that WWE dropped the ball on both Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk, which is a topic he goes into more detail in the book, and that Edge is the best heel in the business today. Thanks to Neal Jones for sending us a recap of the interview.

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