5oz of Fury: GSP, The Iceman, and Some Other People

A few posts ago, I had mentioned how the much ballyhooed (yes, I said ballyhooed) Chuck Liddell vs. Rampage Jackson fight would take place. And while other news sources have picked up on the same rumor I did, MMAWeekly.com (the site I interpolated it from in the first place) now has his opponent listed as “to be determined.” Personally, I thought Rashad Evans would have made more sense. Evans is undefeated, plus he’s fresh off of that insane Sean Salmon knock out. A Rampage/Liddell fight would be better with some more hype, and maybe another chance to see Jackson in the Octagon first.

Current welterweight champion (and my friend Shannon’s future ex-husband) Georges St. Pierre did an interview with UFC.com, where he said the boo-boo on his knee is all better and he’s getting ready for his fight against Matt Serra.

What I like most about GSP is the fact that, besides being a monster in the cage, he’s a gentleman. Instead of talking shit, he’s showing Serra a great deal of respect by acknowledging he’s going to be tough and is training accordingly. Like I’ve said, Serra has a much better shot than people are giving him. 7-4 may not be the most impressive record, but besides the now infamous Shonie Carter lucky punch; those losses were all going the distance with cats like BJ Penn and Karo Parisyan.

Though as a matter of full disclosure, my crew and I have decided that the Serra BJJ guys (and the Pitbulls of the IFL) are our NY Yankees of MMA, so my opinion is slightly biased.

Originally, the buzz on the Internet was that it was going to be Anderson Silva vs. Nate Marquardt in July, but according to an article on NBCSports.com there’s talk they may go right to the Rich Franklin rematch. I think Marquardt makes more sense. Dana White had said that Franklin/Silva 2 would be in Cincinnati, and having two shows in Ohio that close to each other doesn’t sound like something they would do. I’d maybe put Franklin on the July card as well, let Silva get his first title defense out of the way, then let the hype machine do its thing.

Former heavyweight champion Frank Mir was scheduled to take on Antoni Hardonk at the April 5th Ultimate Fight Night, but according to Sherdog.com he’s off the card due to an undisclosed injury. Replacing him is UFC newcomer Justin McCully. McCully is best known for being a training partner of Tito Ortiz.

I’ll keep it simple…who’s your favourite fighter? Leave a comment and let us know.

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