3 Mile Scream – A Prelude To Our Demise Review

Upon first listen, Montreal’s 3 Mile Scream don’t seem much different than most of the metal emerging from the glorious province of Quebec. But upon further listening, 3 Mile Scream does the little things right that set them apart from the overcrowded metal scene on A Prelude To Our Demise.

The vocals are gloriously different than anything that’s been done in awhile Sure, the screaming is nothing new and gets somewhat tiring, but when vocalist Matt McGachy sings, it’s eerily similar to that of Geddy Lee of Rush or Claudio Sanchez of Coheed & Cambria. And really, those are the vocals that really sets 3 Mile Scream apart from many other bands.

Unfortunately, that’s about as good as it gets. The drums are as expected: good, but not great. Ditto for the guitars and bass. Production is par for the course for a metal record and really, if it wasn’t for the fantastic vocals that are demonstrated at times on the record, this would just be another metal record.

Basically if you took Claudio Sanchez, made him angrier, surround him with any metal band that has come around in the past 5 years or so and throw in the occasional scream, you have 3 Mile Scream. With some seasoning however, 3 Mile Scream has the ability to skyrocket to the forefront of metal with a few tweaks to the formula. Otherwise, they’ll be stuck making good records as opposed to great records.

Recommended If You Like: Montreal based metal, As I Lay Dying, Coheed & Cambria without the experimentation.

Link: 3 Mile Scream