The Most Ridiculous Item of the Week – 3.9.07

Rapper/producer Timbaland recently told Entertainment Weekly, in an interview for their March 16 issue, that he feels bad for the trainwreck known as Britney Spears, and he would like to personally take the production helm of her eventual attempt at some sort of a musical comeback.

“I feel her pain, it really bothers me,” he told a reporter for the magazine. “I just want to take her away, go overseas and work [it] out.”

Moreover, should Spears accept, and if she’s “serious”, Timbaland said that his little buddy Justin Timberlake, and his Dick-in-a-Box, may be involved as well. “I asked Justin, ‘How would you feel about me working with Britney?’ … ‘I said, ‘Would you do it with me?'”

And why on Earth would he want to try and take on such a daunting task? He said, “I’m the type of person who tries to save the world.”

Sure, you could donate a shitload of money to try and stomp out inner-city poverty, world hunger and/or disease. You could go to Iraq or Afghanistan and perform for the troops (make sure to bring your friend Nelly Furtado). You could build an orphange or a school in some impoverished Third-World nation. You could volunteer for the Peace Corps or a soup kitchen. You could murder Ann Coulter. But then again, I’m sure that trying to scrape Britney Spears off of the floor just long enough to try and crank out a mediocre album and take credit for it is much better for the world than any or all of those things combined.