A Moment's All I Ask – 3.9.07

First of all, thank you America for booting Antonella Barba out of American Idol. My entire house clapped and cheered at her departure. Thank you American Idol for not even asking the judges if America made the right decision. Clearly, we got one right. But America, please put down your crack pipe. What in the hell are YOU doing keeping Sanjaya and What’s-Her-Name on and taking away Sabrina, Jared and Sundance?

Listen, I don’t even like Sundance for thinking he could cover Pearl Jam, but it wasn’t as bad as Sanjaya’s cover. If you want to shock the judges against who they feel are the best of the best, you’re doing a damn good job. But for every bad singer you keep, you’re taking away a good one from a chance of winning it at all. Yes, of course the good ones will find their ways to secure jobs and record deals, but keeping a bad one means more pain and suffering during the broadcast. If you don’t want to support the show don’t even interfere, this is a money-making machine; for every call you make, the advertising and marketing value of the show increases. Just remember that Vote for the Worst.

As usual, it’s still the ladies season to win with the guys boring the hell out of me every week. Though Gina Glocksen finally sold her image to the audience the way we all were wanting her to—by rocking out to some Evanescence—it’s still a race between the great Lakisha and Melinda Doolittle. Those two are so far-and-away better than everyone else. A surprise top contender to look for is definitely Jordin Sparks, as she’s got just the right everything to keep going—a good voice, a good cute factor and good personality that doesn’t come across as false.

YouTube Video of the Week:

Chris Daughtry live fan video in Austin, TX singing “It’s Not Over.”

Guys of Season 6: get some personality, stop making me watch the clock on Tuesdays to when I can do other things with my time. Daughtry was the best guy on Idol last season, and now he’s on top of the musicial charts. Even Taylor Hicks, as annoying as he was, had some personality. The girls are going to wipe the floor with all of you.

Maybe on Tuesdays I can invent or adapt to the already existing American Idol Drinking Game, and everytime Randy says “Yo!” or “the Yo Factor” I can take a shot. What are other reasons to take a drink during the boys boring night?

Thank you for reading; make your moment your breakthrough.

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