5oz of Fury: UFC Free in April, No Decision for May

I’m thinking of going with the nickname “the Blogging Assassin,” since all the cool nicknames have the word Assassin in it. Thoughts?

There were two interesting notes in Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Dana White said that regarding the broadcast of UFC 70 on 4/21 from Manchester, England into the U.S., that nothing is finalized right now, but it will most likely be on Spike and not HBO.

I knew that HBO was the original plan, but when it fell through (apparently HBO wanted full control and Dana White said “Bite Me”) I had just assumed it was going to be on PPV. Here’s what I’m wondering though – will the commercial breaks take away from the broadcast? It’d be cool if they could get together with some of their sponsors (Miller Brewing Company has deep pockets) and go commercial free. Or, at the very least, maybe they can go with limited commercial interruption.

I know if I had to choose between paying forty dollars or having to sit through commercials for Spike’s new competitive eating series, take my money.

Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans is likely half of a double main event on 5/26 in Las Vegas that would be headlined by a Chuck Liddell title defense.

Apparently all anyone knows about the May show is that no one knows about the May show. Meltzer says what you just read. MMAWeekly, who was saying Ortiz had been telling people he’ll be facing Keith Jardine, now has this listed:

-Chuck Liddell vs. TBA
-Quinton Jackson vs. TBA
-Tito Ortiz vs. TBA
-Rashad Evans vs. TBA
-Keith Jardine vs. TBA

Here’s my question though, and feel free to chime in on the comment board. If Liddell doesn’t fight Rampage, and Ortiz is fighting Evans, who is left that would be a viable contender for the light heavyweight title?