Missing Links: Updates from Around the Interwebs


The WWE is holding a stockholders meeting.

The Hall of Fame Ceremony sold out.

JBL is undergoing a new procedure to fix his back non-surgically.

It’s the 20th anniversary of Wrestlemania 3. As if you didn’t know.

Where is Brutis Beefcake now?

JR talks Hogan, Savage, Hall of Fame, jerky, sauces and other wrestling related rumors.

JBL talks Elizabeth Hurley.

The Miz comments on the NBC show Identity.

Victoria extols the virtues of voting to high schoolers.

Lillian Garcia talks about the San Juan tour.

The WWE has a new “worldwide” page on their site.

Ariel prognosticates about CM Punk.

Tazz is the least extreme player, and RVD and Lashley are the most extreme.

The RAW superstar of the week is Bobby Lashley? Also, the secret wwe.com JR column.