NHL in the news for wrong reasons

Chris Simon suspended indefinitely

NYI’s Chris Simon has been suspended for swinging his stick at the head Rangers’ forward Ryan Hollweg after being checked hard into the boards in the game between the Rangers and Islanders on March 8th. Simon was given a match penalty and the length of his suspension is yet to be determined by Colin Campbell (He should have taken that Flyers gig).

Simon has been suspended about a handful of times before this but now everyone is waiting to see if this suspension will be anything near to what Marty McSorley and Todd Bertuzzi received for their stupid actions.

In the meantime, what is known is that Simon will most likely miss the rest of this season (including playoffs). Of course, we all know the Isles won’t be making it that far. Video of the incident is all over YouTube.

Ted Saskin blames Goodenow

So NHLPA president Ted Saskin has now said that it was former boss Bob Goodenow who was having player’s e-mails monitored and not him. Goodenow, who totally caved in the last CBA agreement after whining like a little girl in pink sandals for months and months thus costing him his job, has denied the accusations.

Now, just to explain, it’s not like the NHLPA was hacking into player’s gmail accounts and MySpace profiles or hotmail accounts (The Blackhawks LOVE hotmail). Players have e-mail accounts hosted by the union and Saskin has said that Goodenow was playing the Patriot Act card and was monitoring the players during the lockout.

Saskin took over for Goodenow as executive director of the NHLPA in July of 2005. Since then, the anti-Saskin group has grown amongst NHL players. The hiring of Saskin reeked of crap to many and now its just a matter of time before Saskin loses his spot.

An inquiry to the hiring of Saskin began in January at the behest of Chelios and the rest of the union members. The investigation is being lead by Toronto lawyer and die hard Senators fan, Sheila Block. The report should be completed this summer.

Until then, Saskin is looking towards the exit sign.