Rasslin Roundtable: TNA Destination X

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Rasslin Roundtable: TNA Destination X

NWA World Heavyweight Title
Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe

Pulse Glazer: Rumor has it this is where TNA runs its ECW type angle where they renounce the NWA with Joe winning the gold. It’s a shame they totally snuffed his momentum and are doing this almost a year late when Christian has momentum and a hot stable.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Danny Cox: Simple enough, Joe will overcome all odds as the Coalition will try and interfere and then end up fighting with each other and Joe wins the title. Duh.
Winner and NEW Champ – Samoa Joe

Kace: I guess now would be a pretty good time to have Joe become NWA World Champ or TNA Champ or whatever the Hell it’s gonna be called now.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Vinny Truncellito: The question is, was Christian a transitional champion, only there to get the belt onto Joe, or are they going somewhere with this feud? I think the end of the NWA relationship with TNA Wrestling is the perfect opportunity to make big changes, including this one. Look for interference from Tomko to lead to the permanent break-up of the “Christian Coalition”
Winner – Samoa Joe

Matthew Michaels: It’s time.
Winner – Joe

David Brashear: We’ve been watching Joe gaining momentum for months and now it’s finally his time.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Elevation X
Rhino vs. AJ Styles

Danny Cox: I’m confused. Does one win by tossing their opponent off the X? If so, then just never go up there. Why are we seeing this match again? Oh yes, to introduce a new gimmick match that has rules way too hard to understand for anyone besides the TNA brass.
Winner – Rhino

Kace: Rhino wins after about 3 run-ins and a random female character pregnancy angle thrown in for shits and giggles.
Winner – Rhino

Vinny Truncellito: Predicting this match is not about storylines, standing with the company, or backstage stroke; it’s about one thing: who’s better suited to take the big bump? I believe that man is AJ Styles.
Winner – Rhino

Matthew Michaels: AJ should win this, but I’m not sure I’ll watch. I won’t lie — this is a scary looking thingamajig.
Winner – AJ

David Brashear: You know, there are reasons why scaffold matches haven’t been done recently. Number one – you can’t move around much up there. Number two – it’s extremely easy to get a major injury. If you don’t believe me, just ask Vic Grimes or Jim Cornette himself. I see Rhino winning, but I just hope that AJ doesn’t wind up on the shelf because of this.
Winner – Rhino

Aaron: AJ’s offense is almost entirely based on speed, fully negated by a scaffold. Rhino should be fine, but I have no idea how AJ is going to work to make this anything but a train wreck. He’s also going to win though as he’s still TNA’s pet and I doubt they’d risk his career on a silly bump like this.
Winner – AJ Styles

X-Division Title
Two out of three falls
Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn

Kace: Oh…why not?
Winner – Jerry Lynn

Vinny Truncellito: Should be a hot match, and a future “Best of X Division, Vol 3” candidate, but I can’t fathom them putting their only home-grown championship on Jerry Lynn at this time.
Winner – Chris Sabin

Matthew Michaels: Keep the belt on Sabin. It does no one any good to swap it around 100 times, does it?
Winner – Sabin

David Brashear: And now we come to the end of the feud. Jerry Lynn gets the belt back, but I doubt he’ll hang onto it long. Hopefully we’ll see it transitioned to an Austin Starr or Alex Shelley.
Winner – Jerry Lynn

Aaron: This has to blow off this feud. For one it’s been booked together with all the other X-Division stuff leaving it a bit of a mess. Sabin’s skits have been terrible as well. If they were going to change the title, I don’t see why Lynn would need it.
Winner – Sabin

Danny Cox: The mere thought of this match is upsetting because Sabin finally gets the title and yet he’s going against Jerry Lynn who should virtually be there to put over younger stars who don’t even get to appear on the show. Jay Lethal for example. And remember Christopher Daniels?? Yeah, he’s not on the show either. I hope Sabin holds the title here, but I don’t see it happening…yet I’ll go with my hope instead of my gut.
Winner and STILL Champ – HAIL SABIN!

Last Rites match
Sting vs. Abyss

Vinny Truncellito: It would seem that in order for the storyline to progress and for Abyss to face the “choice” that Sting keeps rambling about, he’s got to lose this match, and perhaps come back repackaged in a new, Mitchell-less, non-monster gimmick. Otherwise what has all the build up and separation anxiety Abyss has endured been for?
Winner – Sting

Matthew Michaels: Ugh. Another gimmick match? I just don’t have the patience for this one, and without Jim Mitchell to cut awesome promos, what’s the point? If it’s to turn Abyss face, the only way to do that is to have him DECIMATE Sting, and then feel bad doing so.
Winner – Abyss

David Brashear: Okay, enough is enough. It’s way past time to move Abyss and Sting on to other things. Let’s end it here.
Winner – Sting

Aaron: This is dragging on ridiculously. I guess it got Sting out of the title picture, but even so…
Winner – Sting

Danny Cox: Stupid.
Winner – Abyss

Kace: Sting overcomes the demon Abraxas, as he tempts him with lies and bread for toast to score the win.
Winner – Sting

Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner

Matthew Michaels: This feud has been surprisingly good, probably because the former amateur wrestler Steiner is getting his ass handed to him by the Gold Medalist whenever they brawl. I’m thinking Kurt has to win this one.
Winner – Angle

David Brashear: This match has a lot of potential to turn into a total trainwreck with Steiner involved. Still, Kurt’s been on the radio talking about how great he is, so let’s see if he can back up his talk without someone on the level of Samoa Joe across the ring from him.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Aaron: No way Kurt gets anything as decent as Joe got out of Steiner at this point; we just need to accept he isn’t the worker he was. Scott hasn’t won in forever and certainly won’t be starting with Angle.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Danny Cox: Because Steiner/Trips was such a gem a few years ago at the Rumble, then this would be a classic, right? Steiner won’t be able to have a mic in his hand, so I won’t be entertained.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Kace: This may be a battle of He Who Rages First. I’ll go with Kurt.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Vinny Truncellito: Are you kidding? If Angle doesn’t break Steiner’s ankle, this will be a complete waste of time.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Ghetto Brawl
LAX vs. Team 3D

David Brashear: This entire feud has only served to show how stale the Dudleys have become. TNA needs to do something different with them yesterday. Still, stale or not, the crowd still loves them, so:
Winner – Team 3-D

Danny Cox: Can this end please or are they going to try for more racially motivated matches at the next PPV? LAX Vs. Team 3D in a “Gov’mint Cheese On A Pole Match!”
Winners – Team 3D

Kace: 3D wins after something violent…
Winner – Team 3D

Vinny Truncellito: From a story arc standpoint, it would seem 3-D has tolerated enough of LAX’s shit, and they’re due for vengeance. However, I just don’t know if I can imagine TNA taking the tag straps away from LAX just yet. Seems that should happen at Lockdown in a brutal throwback to the days of the Dudleyz in ECW.
Winner – LAX (or 3-D via DQ); NO TITLE CHANGE

Matthew Michaels: I don’t think the Dudleyz have won yet, so…
Winners – Team 3-D

VKM vs. Christy Hemme’s mystery team

Danny Cox: Hemme’s team will supposedly be the Bashams. So that makes 4 people in the ring I could give a rat’s ass about.
Winners – Hemme’s Team

Kace: The mystery team shall consist of Ricky Morton and Nora Greenwald. But I could be wrong.
Winner – VKM

Vinny Truncellito: Who the heck do we cheer here? While they’re admitting Mr. Ass’ views are sexist and outdated, they’re not really portraying him as a heel. Hemme’s certainly not getting any support from the front office, either. Cornette gave her the “grumpy neighbor” treatment, as if she was a 12-year old girl playing on his front lawn. The only way to bring in a new team and start them off right is with a big ppv victory, so I guess I’ll predict Hemme’s team.
Winner – Hemme’s Hellraisers

Matthew Michaels: I can’t wait! (To see if WWE owns the Basham name?)
Winners – Hemme’s Team

David Brashear: Since the mystery team’s rumored to be the Basham Brothers, I see them getting the win after the white bald guy switches places with the other white bald guy behind the ref’s back.
Winners – Team Hemme

Double Bullrope
Petey Williams/Gail Kim vs. James Storm/Jackie Moore

Kace: I see “Jackie Moore” and think of the original version of “Personally.” Big Carolina Beach Music hit, by the way…anyway…Storm wins after 3 beershots and a superkick.
Winner: James Storm & Jacquelyne Moore

Vinny Truncellito: Petey and Gail have really been put on the back burner lately. The real money match is Storm versus Harris. I think Storm and Moore will figure out a way to leave with the duke.
Winner – Storm/Moore

Matthew Michaels: I really don’t care. I’m trying!
Winners – Team Canada

David Brashear: Let’s get this moved on to the blowoff match, which will of course be Harris/Storm. With Lockdown coming up, I expect to see Harris cost Storm the win to set the match up.
Winner – Petey/Gail

Danny Cox: Could be interesting if One-Eyed Willie comes in to take out Storm.
Winner – Petey Williams/Gail

Winner must use the crossface chickenwing
Senshi vs. Austin Starr

Vinny Truncellito: Uh, umm. I guess Senshi gets the win and winds up earning a shot against Sabin. Senshi is Backlund’s favorite X guy, and the chickenwing is Backlund’s hold
Winner – Senshi

Matthew Michaels: This is gonna be great — and hopefully will set up that Backlund match we’ve all been waiting for…
Winner – THE Austin Starr

David Brashear: This is an interesting one to call. Still, with Backlund supposed to be at ringside, I look to see Senshi get the win.
Winner – Senshi

Danny Cox: This could really be a very good match, but do they not realize that limiting two x-division guys to winning with a submission means taking away any type of spots or high flying? Let’s take the fast paced action and make it a rest hold match! SWEET! And man, has Low-Ki fallen fast from his X-Title run or what?
Winner – Austin Starr

Kace: Also known as Low Ki Vs Austin Aries. I’ll go with Sensssshhiiii for the win, just ’cause.
Winner – Senshi