Ultimate Marvel Handbook # 199

Hey all. Welcome to the Ultimate Marvel Handbook. I‘m Jim and of course my partner in crime this week is Daron.

What do you mean this week? I’m here every week. Or at least most of them…

Hey Dar, I’m a bit depressed myself. I can‘t believe they killed one of my favorite heroes of all time.

Dar? I don’t think we’re at that level Ji. What say we keep it to whole names? And as for Cap…he ain’t dead. I’ll insert my (and Jeff’s theory – we came up with together sort of) before the first email.

No they didn‘t kill Wolverine. I can see you saying that. I really liked Cap. I see him coming back of course to. But let‘s see what our readers have to say.

Well, I’m giving my theory first anyway.

Cap’s “Demise.”

Jeff called me the other day to talk about the “apparent” death of Cap. I told him right then and there that I knew Cap wasn’t dead, and that it was probably some ploy to get him to go into hiding so he could either return as a new hero…Ronin possibly? Or to return as Cap at a later date.

Jeff agreed, and added to the theory of who actually died. Let me just say this. Cap is dead, but it’s not the Cap you’re thinking of. Jeff and I are both pretty sure that the recently returned from the dead Captain Marvel most likely took Captain America’s place (knowing that he was supposed to be dead anyway). Which would allow the real Cap. A. to go into hiding and return as I described above.

What do you all think about that?

Matt Morrison emails

Hey Jamie,

Read the new column and I had a question for ya after reading that bit about the birth-years of various Marvel characters and Wolverine being a Gemini. Are there any other Marvel characters who had an actual birthday or an astrological sign assigned to them?

I can give you an easy one to start the list of – Peter Parker is a Gemini – Amazing Spider-Man #500 – we find out Peter’s birthday is just after the end of the school year, suggesting late May/early June, which is definite Gemini time. Gemini also fits Peter to a T, being the sign of intellectuals and troubled dual lives. Of course the fact that Logan is apparently a Gemini too suggests there’s very little to this astrology stuff after all. 🙂


Heh funny thing is I know crap about astrology for the most part I’m serious too. I would have to look up a lot of the stuff.

I believe…that is what Matt was asking you to do…slacker.

Jeff Ritter emails

Hey Jimmy Bo Bob Brain (narf!),

Hey Jeff

Here’s a couple of links I found showing some of those “comic books on records” from the 70s. They were on Peter Pan records, sometimes labelled as Power Records (a division of Peter Pan Records). I suck at the html so I was hoping you or Daron’s lazy ass could imbed them in your Handbook. I had a number of the Batman ones, the Spidey vs the Dragon Men, the originally mentioned Hulk vs Rhino and Abomination and a Cap/Falcon vs The Phoenix (not Jean Grey) who turned out to be Baron Zemo. I couldn’t find a picture of that one. MAny of those “issues”…can we call them that?…were illustrated by Neal Adams! Damn I wish I still had mine. They went out in a garage sale somewhere in the 80s, I’d have to guess.

The sad thing is…if I had time to be lazy, I totally would!

link 1

link 2

And here’s a link with some audio/video files for folks to see/hear what I’m talking about. For you young whippersnappers (Daron), back in the old days before color on the talkin’ picture box and them new-fangled CDs and that MTV and such, folks used to hunker down ’round the gramophone and listen to classics like Count Blassie, Ethyl Merman and ensamble readings of Comic Books on vinyl spinnin’ at 45rpm. But no, that wasn’t good enough for you snoopin’ kids and you had to have your iPods and your viedo enabled cell phones and your Playstation Portables…in my day we had Pong and you had to plug it in and WE LIKED IT THAT WAY! Tarnation.

link 3

Yep those are the ones I found and some I recall as well. I wonder if they could do something like this again but with the internet and more I‘m not sure we‘ll see something like this again

On Shay’s question about reptile-themed heroes, I want to say there are some in Marvel’s Orient, specifically the Big Hero Six super team that Sunfire was involved with. I remember really being let down with the book to the point of not reading past issue 2 or 3 so I couldn’t even tell ya who it was, but I think there was a Dragon-like hero involved. There was also a gator-like hero named Cayman, but now that I think about it he was in the Malibuverse, which Marvel promptly wiped it’s corporate ass with and flushed into back issue obscurity.

I think I recall both characters now:

Baymax was the Big Hero 6 member

As for Cayman check this out


On Wolfbaronxylo’s qustion about the Hulk, I stole this from tvacres.com:

TRIVIA NOTE: In the original comic strip that inspired the TV series the “David” character was called “Bruce” Banner. Reportedly, the character’s first name was changed from “Bruce” to “David” because; the producers thought the name “Bruce” might be construed as to “feminine.” When Jay Leno of THE TONIGHT SHOW heard this story he cried, “Like David’s not a gay name?”

If Bruce is feminine, someone tell that to Bruce Lee, Bruce Campbell, Bruce Willis, Bruce Leroy, Bruce Sutter, or Bruce Dickinson (either of them).

heh. Well said Jeff

Or to keep this comic relate…Bruce Wayne?

On Cory’s Civil War comments and questions, I think Ed Brubaker must like to write about incarceration a lot or is hooked on the TV show “OZ” or something. In X-Men: Deadly Genesis, Vulcan was a prisoner of the Shi’ar after being forcibly removed from the womb. Then he follows up Bendis’ Daredevil with Murdoch in the slammer. Now Cap’s incarcerated. I love The Bru, but at this point I’m hoping he doesn’t get his hands on Amazing Spider-man, Runaways or Dr. Strange. There’s only so many jailed hero stories I can take.

Well now you don‘t have to worry about Cap in jail I suppose. I mean he seems dead at the moment.

What and ever…see above.

On Captain America’s decision, I think it was in fact WRONG. I’m not quite G. W. Bush-like in my zealous desire to stay the course. But then we’re not talking about ME, we’re talking about Captain America, the walking ideal. And if turning the country into a McCarthyesque fascist society where the public is essentially brainwashed into thinking a transdimensional gulag is completely acceptable thanks to the machinations of Tony Stark doesn’t fly in the face of the American Ideal I don’t know what does. Real life madman G-Dub Bush gets mad heat about Guananamo Bay, but Tony gets a public thumbs up on the Negative Zone Detention Center For Free Thinking Superheroes? I’m almost willing to let Millar off the hook because ultimately this crapfest was Bendis’ and Quesada’s brain child, and like everything else Marvel over hypes it fell flat. What did we get out of the last 8 or so months? A really stupid 7-legged Spider-Man costume that’s already gone, some dead civilians, some dead b-list villains like Stiltman who we all know will be back at anytime, Speedball wearing a medival iron maiden for a costume and Captain Marvel, the original, back to oversee the prison in the Negative Zone. As much as I thought the Civil War laid an egg like George Lucas’s craptacular New Trilogy, nothing pisses me off more than bringing back Mar Vell from the dead. His death was one of the most well-written and heartfelt comics ever produced and to bring him back not as the fulcrum for the war but to swing the cell keys on his finger is so ridiculous I can’t even find the word. Whoever’s brilliant idea that was should be removed immediately from this industry before Sergei Kravinoff shows up to wine and dine May Parker.

Interesting opinion Jeff. I say you go storm into JQ‘s offices and demand he quit. You know as many times as I heard someone say that yesterday or read it wasn‘t that shocking. A lot of people wanted Joe dead with Cap‘s death or Civil War. I‘m personally willing to give this a bit more time to sink in before I start. I mean I might write a long tribute column to Cap and of course an all around thoughts and opinions column on the Full Civil War since it‘s over now officially. I just have to settle down before I do it.

I said it in my Nightmare Column last week and I wasn’t kidding: CANCEL THE MARVEL UNIVERSE. Put out 50 new #1s plus the 1st issues of Puerto Rico, Canada and D.C., which you KNOW will make Marvel’s Distinguished Competition happy (get the lawsuits started now). I can’t wait to buy North Dakota, both Carolinas and Utah!

Interesting idea. I don‘t approve of it entirely of course with just canning a lot of titles and renaming them as such BUT I actually would buy the books likely and could see it as an interesting idea.

On Ronin: Bendis wrote himself a Deus ex Machina, the ghost in the machine, to give him an out because he doesn’t plan his stories out well enough and nobody bothers to provide editorial oversight apparently. See his Avengers Disassembled contradictions from page to page. At this point I don’t care who it is. I didn’t give a damn about Hawkeye when he was alive. I see no reason for Bendis to wrestle Daredevil into the role since Brubaker’s handling the regular series. I doubt Iron Fist or Shang Chi, two of the obvious fighters who might fit the bill, have any reason to give up their better known identites. For some reason I think it’ll end up being Spider-man. He can fight, he can get trained by a number of people in martial disciplines to keep up the disguise, and it keeps him close to Iron Man. He’s no stranger to costume changes, or even name changes as seen in Slingers. But if it was up to me I’d make it Batroc the Leaper. Because Batroc, like Millar’s continued employment, makes me laugh.

Wait how can Spider-Man be Ronin? Him and Ronin are on the same team and same panels most times. *scratches head* I still wonder about some possibilities with maybe DD. Batroc huh? How about Taskmaster?

At this point, I think my money is on Cap being Ronin.

Hey Jim, send your folks my way! Welcome To My Nightmare wants to celebrate 5th Week Events this month, so send me some of your own creations! See my last couple of columns for details. Heck, by the time this gets posted, I’ll have already posted my own 5th Week Event. So check it out and join the fun! Even Cory is invited (try to keep it under a billion words or so, Daron has to edit it, ya know)!

Sure I’ll do that and see what I can come up with as well and take part.

I…will not. Just to be an ass.

Cheers and what not,

Later Jeff

Later & $h!t.

Cory emails

Sup J & D, Cory here. R.I.P Captain America. Damn!!!

Hey Cory

Though my 3 choices of comic book stores sold out Capt. #25, I know the how & who, and THIS totally took me for a shock. F*#K! I guess that this was the BIG thing that Cap would be involved in to reach the news.

I was shocked too Cory. How you think I felt going in and not finding out till the shop owner showed up with the books. He got spoiled from another shop owner.

1- Ummm. I saw Joe Q. on ABC News today, and he said that Cap’s series will continue after issue #25, which had me thinking who will replace him in the costume??? Someone has to! I had 3 choices, and why them. A- The Punisher, B- Winter Soldier, C- Hawkeye. A- He has the mask, the height, the build, the training, the combat, the drive, and the respect to wear it proudly. Just DONT KILL anyone, while wearing the costume. B- He seems like the worthy successor, having the history & training, and desire to fight against the Red Skull, etc. C- Through their disagreements, still respected Cap. Needs a new costume & motivation. Any ideas on this one?

I can see one of those guys taking up the mantle for now. After all we know Cap/Steve can die and come back in time. They will find a replacement for him like Frank or Soldier. I‘d like to see Winter Soldier take up the role for now myself. I think he deserves it.

2- Dying is one thing, but did Cap have to die like a Don in the end of the Godfather part 1? He took more bullets than most gangsta rappers. Was that death, overkill?

I don‘t think he really had to die at all but I can understand it. Brubaker having him shot a few times was mostly to make sure he would die in the end I suppose.

3- This plan seems to be fully orchestrated by Red Skull, who when Zola asked what the Skull’s plans were, he replied that it was a new variation on a familiar theme: to destroy Captain America and everything he held dear. Dr. Faustus is tasked with manipulating Sharon Carter, and claims responsibility for Carter’s increasing romantic attachment to Captain America and the sniper was Crossbones. Is this plan completed? And will the heroes learn of this or will they believe that Cap was killed for fighting against the government?

I don‘t think the plan is complete. I think Winter Soldier, Falcon, Sharon and others are going to be very important for the next few issues. I think this is a bigger story. I think Brubaker has some grand plans for Skull‘s plans and the like.

4- Will the heroes come together as one at his funeral or will they be split still? On one side The pro-registration, the anti-reg’s on the other? And what will his death do to those in the Marvel Universe? Luke Cage now has a full responsibility to keep Cap’s dream alive.

I can tell you where we’ll get the answers:


Next week’s Civil War: The Confession details the last moments of Captain America’s life and this April and May, the ramifications of Cap’s death and the responses of Marvel’s greatest heroes will be seen in the pages of the five part Fallen Son: Death of Captain America event.

In order to maintain the secrecy of Captain America’s death, Marvel was unable to reveal the full titles of the five one-shots until now, which are:

Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America – Wolverine
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America – Avengers
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America – Captain America
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America – Spider-Man
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America – Iron Man

The actual covers, including the commemorative trade dress, of these one-shots are seen here for the first time.

Retailers should take note and check the Marvel Mailer for a special incentive on Fallen Son the likes of which Marvel have never offered before.

Captain America will continue to be published despite the very real death of Steve Rogers. In May, Captain America #26 will reveal the aftermath of his death, beginning with the autopsy of his body. This is no hoax – Captain America, Steve Rogers, is dead.

Blah, blah, I still don’t believe it.

5- What will become of his shield? And is this Marvel’s “Death of Superman”?

I did wonder that. It could become a symbol. If you want to notice the covers to Fallen Son all have his Shield. I think whoever takes over could hold the shield

6- This is from the NY Daily News “In the comic-book universe, death is not always final. But even if Captain America turns out to have met his end in print, he may not disappear entirely: Marvel has said it is developing a Captain America movie.” But a Cap movie seems probable by 08 or 09, so will fans have to wait for his resurrection (we all know he gonna come back) till then?

It’s possible he isn’t even dead. Let’s take another book from this week in Initiative:

Civil War Initiative # 1: Iron Man flys over New York while gathering information. He watched a feed on the Collective who meets Reed and Sasquatch. Sasquatch shoes him how he killed Alpha Flight and throws him a uniform to join Omega Flight. Elsewhere: Hurricane II is running from the Thunderbolts who use their combined abilities to take him down and captive. Later: Iron Man meets with Ms Marvel who tells him about her talking to Spider-Woman who at the time fought Grey Gargoyle. During the conversation Ms Marvel tells her Cap is alive in SHIELD custody. Iron Man didn’t approve of this move. Afterwards Tony goes home and speaks to Jarvis as they talk of starting another Avengers group. I think it‘s possible he still could be alive.

Hello, what have I been saying…

7- How will the pro-reg heroes feel about his death, especially Iron Man? The man is an icon, who has lead damn near every Avengers team, and other heroic teams as well, so regardless of his C.W. stance, they should be hurt.

I think they will mourn. Heck I think it will lead to a fight likely as well. As we know the second issue of Fallen Son is Avengers. I can see that leading to something.

I think it’s funny that you think Jim actually has the answers to what is going to happen, instead of what has happened… 🙂

8- Speaking of movies, what do you guys think of movie spinoffs? X-Men-Wolverine. FF4- The Silver Surfer. Iron Man- War Machine. Spider-Man- Venom. Could some of these work?

I know I can‘t wait for Wolverine and FF 2. Silver Surfer should get a movie. He deserves it. War Machine might be a bit too much in my opinion. Venom as well. Some would work some would not.

Personally, I’d rather have War Machine instead of Iron Man. I’ve never really liked Tony, and have always really like Rhody.

9- What’s this I hear that the Hulk punched Uatu in the face? What happened after that?

This one I‘ll have to look up too.

10- Interesting theories I must say Cory. I mean really some good ideas on why it could be Hawkeye or Daredevil of course. I’m not ruling either out myself. I also won’t rule out this new Ronin turning traitor either. I’ve thought of that option since the image of Ronin’s sword in Strange’s heart came out.- Traitor? What would make you think that?

This is why:

The New Avengers versus the Hand!! AND the New Avengers versus the Mighty Avengers!! AND the identity of the new Ronin revealed!! Who is the new mystery player in the New Avengers? Find out here!!
Guest-starring the Mighty Avengers and… wait for it… BROTHER VOODOO!!

11- Unanswered from last week: Now that i think of it, has any of the current New Avengers roster members ever had any interaction with Hawkeye in the past? Cuz almost all have interacted with DD.

Top 10 pranksters:
3- Human Torch
4- Slapstick
5- Deadpool
6- Beast
7- Hawkeye?
8- The Impossible Man
9- Strong Guy
10- Toad?

Very nice ones

Next week I will reply back on older questions, and others I was working on in respect for ole Steve Rogers. Boy, oh boy…this was such a shock for me this morning. What will be even more difficult than accepting his death, will be the writers explaining his return. But, thanks as always, and See ya in 7. Cory out!

Later Cory. I‘ll likely have my own perspective on this one too.

It won’t be that difficult to explain if he never died at all…

Top 10 Pranksters:

1. Spider-Man
2. Human Torch
3. Impossible Man
4. Iceman
5. Deadpool
6. Hawkeye
7. Strong Guy
8. Thing
9. Slapstick
10. Jester

New: top 10 Cap moments of all time.

Top 5 best Marvel titles of the week

1. CAPTAIN AMERICA #25: Leaping from the final pages of Civil War, this is the
*only place* readers can find out what happens next in the life of CAPTAIN AMERICA!
Trust us, folks, this oversized 25th issue will stun
readers and send shockwaves through the entire Marvel Universe for the next year!

2. MIGHTY AVENGERS #1: The wait is over!! The Mighty Avengers assemble!! Gathered together to be the greatest Avengers team ever, but who picked them?? And why?? And which A-list Avengers villain returns, revamped and reloaded for the ultimate revenge. Big super hero adventures every month from the multi-award winning team of Bendis and Cho.

3. CIVIL WAR: THE INITIATIVE #1: The post war Marvel Universe begins here! The war is over!! Let the healing begin!! This all-new special written by Brian Bendis, especially for modern legend Marc Silvestri, debuts the all new IRON MAN, OMEGA FLIGHT, MIGHTY AVENGERS, NEW AVENGERS and with a special chapter written by Warren Ellis…THUNDERBOLTS! Each chapter is an important all-new prologue for each of these huge new series!

It’s war! The Shi’ar Empire is back doing what it does best, conquering and killing! The X-Men, Star Jammers, and the ousted Lilandra must fight their way through legions of the mighty Shi’ar in the hope to free the imprisoned Charles Xavier!

5. FANTASTIC FOUR #543: The double-sized 45th Anniversary Issue of the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine! The super hero Civil War is drawing to a close! But with the betrayals, backstabbing and shifting alliances, who will be the Fantastic Four when all is said and done?

Civil War update:

Fantastic Four #543: Spoilers: Thing and Torch watch a documentry on the FF involving interviews with Hank Pym, Panther, Namor, Doom, Willie Lumpkinm Wyatt Wingfoot, Spidey, Cage, She-Hulk, Sharon, Wolverine, Tony Stark as well as the FF themselves. As Sue and Reed talk over things. After returning they say they are leaving for a time and Storm and Panther are joining.

Story 2: Mole Man attacks again and Reed doesn’t wish to stop him as Stan shows up. The Marvel staff learns this to. After some arguing and more Stan deals with Mole Man himself.

Story 3: Torch and Wyatt fix his hot rod for a race as Spidey is on TV. J Jonah tells Pete to get pictures of Torch so at the race Spider-Man is there to take the pictures as the car explodes. This leads to a Spidey/Torch fight of sorts till Crystal stops it.

Civil War Initiative # 1: Iron Man flys over New York while gathering information. He watched a feed on the Collective who meets Reed and Sasquatch. Sasquatch shoes him how he killed Alpha Flight and throws him a uniform to join Omega Flight. Elsewhere: Hurricane II is running from the Thunderbolts who use their combined abilities to take him down and captive. Later: Iron Man meets with Ms Marvel who tells him about her talking to Spider-Woman who at the time fought Grey Gargoyle. During the conversation Ms Marvel tells her Cap is alive in SHIELD custody. Iron Man didn’t approve of this move. Afterwards Tony goes home and speaks to Jarvis as they talk of starting another Avengers group.

Captain America #25: We start with a recap of Cap’s life on tv and of Civil War as well. We learn Cap is on Trial. Sharon as many people are there as she recalls her life with Cap. Winter Soldier is there as well recalling his past with Cap. Cap is brought to the court and surrounded by guards and led past the media. Cap spotting a snipper moves one of the security out of the way getting shot. Which was not Nick’s plan. He had another plan to get him out it seems. As the crowd gets wild Sharon runs to Cap and we see Cap shot a few more times in the abdomen. Winter Soldier and Falcon go after the attacker but fight each other at first then joining forces to go after Crossbones the snipper. Cap is taken away by an ambulence. Soldier fights Crossbones taking care of him. Falcon tells him to leave as SHIELD arrives. Later Falcon goes to the hospital where Sharon is as well. We hear reports of Cap’s death on the tv. Falcon recalls his life with Cap. Sharon goes to the bathroom where Skull’s daughter goes in to see her and says Faustus making her recall shooting Cap. The last image is of Cap’s lifeless body.

Planet Hulk:

Prelude: INCREDIBLE HULK #88-91:

88: Hulk with a beard is Alaska catching fish in his own exile. A pilot arrives as Bruce cabin. They talk of course with the pilot telling Bruce not to forget his humanity. Bruce makes it to the bar and Mark, the pilot to meet a woman there. He goes to the bathroom only to see two men harassing a woman. Hulk deals with the men himself. Days later Mark arrives again with a call from Nick Fury.

89: Bruce lands at an oil tanker along with Mark. Nick has been looking for Bruce it seems. Nick tells him about a Hydra space station conducting experiments with a new artificial intelligence system but it was really a weapon to detonate nuclear weapons anywhere. Bruce of course ask tons of questions. (good ones to). They send Hulk into space after showing how to destroy it. Once Hulk reached the place he finds out it’s a SHIELD station which captures him. He yells out Fury’s name.

90: Back at the SHIELD Nick is told they have Hulk contained. The Agent ask Fury about how Hulk will survive but Fury said he will adapt. Back in space Hulk tries to break free. He does only to be attacked again. Hulk continues to fight the tendrils until too many surround him. The weapon starts charging up. Bruce wakes up and finds dead bodies all over the station and a robot waiting for him

91: Nick Fury is talking with various generals at the Pentagon about the situation. They know Hulk is still the best to deal with the situation. Back on Godseye, Bruce stands in front of the robot. Bruce starts to turn into the Hulk but he doesn’t see a metal tendril coming up behind him. The Godseye flings the Hulk out of the station. Hulk continues to fight. After winning he enters a space shuttle which sends him away from the planet. The Illuminati exile him

Planet Hulk: Exile 92-95:

92: Hulk watches the monitor where Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Dr. Strange are telling him they are exiling him. The ship spirals toward a black hole and crashes on another planet. Bug like creatures leap out at Hulk who fights back and gets hit by a weapon and bleeds. A group of red skinned people watch. The Governor of the Wukar talks to Hulk. Hulk attacks but is shot and chained. Hulk and the bugs are auctioned. Great Devil Corker tries to eat Hulk who escapes. The Hulk leaps up at the Red King, but before he can reach him a pale white skinned woman blasts him out of the air. The Red King stands over Hulk. Hulk and him fight but the white woman stops the fight and Hulk is blasted from behind. Hulk is sent to Maw.

93: Some of the people of the planet dream of freedom they know Hulk can free them. At Maw A large lava creature rises up but Hulk takes it right out. Hulk is told to kneel and does this time because a control disk. He introduces himself as Primus Vand and they are at the Empire’s most lethal gladiatorial training school. Twenty-two prisons enter a field, but that only seven of them will leave it. A fight starts and Hulk and 7 are formed as a team: Miek, Brood, Korg, Elloe, Captain Lavin Skee, and Shadow Warrior with Hulk. They all tell their origins. They are sent to a lava pit and have to fight Korg’s brother Margus among others. After another win they face a pack of wildebots. Another win for green Scar. A dinner celebration the Green Scar and his gladiators are declared the victors. Red King talks to his followers as an explosion happens. Hulk and the others in his team look at the Sakaar Insurgency surprised.

94: Hulk refuses to escape as Death’s head’s are sent to deal with them. Elloe is taken away. The other gladiators are taken to some type of sex parlor but Hulk winds up in a room with the Lieutenant is waiting to buy him and free him of fighting. He refuses and goes off. Elsewhere a Dreadnought appears and fires as Hulk leaps towards it. More Deaths heads are sent down on the gladiators. Hulk reappears and takes them out as fast as possible. Later back in the cell and tell their origins and become Warbound. We finish the issue with a site of the Silver Savage.

95: We start with the Lieutenant ask about Silver Savage origins. We see how he got to the planet and then we go to the area where Hulk and Surfer are due to fight. They are friends and don’t want to but with the disk they are forced to. Surfer takes out Hulk’s allies easily before Hulk attacks and removes the disk. But he also continues to beat Surfer before Korg stops him. Soldiers are sent to deal with them and use the disk to control Hulk’s allies. Surfer frees them and finally Hulk and crew beat down the others. Afterwards Surfer offers a trip home to Earth but Hulk refuses.

Planet Hulk: Anarchy 96-99, Giant:

Giant Size Incredible Hulk # 1: (this I’ll just cover the Planet Hulk part) Hulk dreams of fighting back on Earth and taking out all those heroes who turned their backs on him. We finally see Bruce Banner as well in the dream. Hulk and Banner fight for control with Banner coming close to winning only to change back to Hulk stating to Korg that only the monsters are there.

96: Hulk’s group rest for the night at a camp (This is also where Hulk has the dream in Giant). Some of the pink skin people of the planet are there as well. After a threat from Hulk one runs away. He runs into the Lieutenant and tells her where to find the Hulk and the others. Hulk and crew are attacked by some type of grenade but survive and have to find a new place to train. Miek knows a place. Elsewhere Wildebots attack a town only to have Hulk and his group save the place. Miek and Brood talk about Miek’s hive and how he recalls a massacre. Some of the soldiers attack Hulk’s group. Miek comes close to killing one but Hulk finds some of the hive stopping the fight.

97: We start with Red King leading a massacre of some of his own people. Back with Hulk’s group the bugs and Hulk deal with Primus and his soldiers. They free more and more slaves. As Hulk’s army increases as well. They group continues to make it’s way threw more and more of Red Kings people but Hulk stops Miek from killing one of them. Elsewhere the Lieutenant meets up with the Red King who’s killing more people. He tells her to kill the pretenders. Miek is called by the Bugs and evolves into a bigger bug.

98: Hulk prepares to go into war as the bugs stop him lead by Miek. They refuse to move. Hulk tells them move or let Miek lead them into war. Miek and Hulk start to fight but in the end Korg stops the fight. Hulk takes lead again but the Lieutenant shows up. The bugs try attacking without success. Hulk goes to deal with her himself. The two start a brawl as we learn her origins. Both survive each others most powerful attacks. As a ship crashes in the middle of the soldiers and unleashes spikes that take control of the soldiers who surround Hulk and the Lieutenant.

99: Hulk tells the Lieutenant to stay put but she stabs his foot and is hit away by him. Hulk starts fighting the spikes. But gets bit by one and fights the infection. He wins creating a new creature which Hulk kills. Elsewhere Red King talks to Lieutenant on why she failed. Spikes trap a village but Hulk and crew are there. He gets infected again but Lieutenant frees him and fights alongside him to save the village. Miek and his crew free their queen. The spikes attack them and Hulk goes to help his friends. Winning again. The Lieutenant also helps a crying child but a bomb hits killing the kid in her arms. She joins Hulk’s group willingly as Hulk declares to go after the Red King.

Allegiance: Issues 100-103

100: Hulk and his crew are in camp tending to the Queen as the imperials attack. Caeira tells them to stop but they don’t and it angers Hulk to crack the ground and cause a large river of lava that wipes out the imperials. One hour later they escaped but the spikes finally infect the queen. Meik is forced to kill her. Hiroim tries to argue about leaving and Hulk’s allies back him. The bugs think Miek is Sakaarson but he says he fight for friends. Hulk and his group wonder the desert as we hear Hiroim’s origins before more enemies arrive.

Mastermind Excello continues his run from SHIELD. While on the run he finds one of Hulk’s old hide outs in New Mexico and contacts Reed who is working on the Thor Clone. Excello hacks in and finds out the full truth about Hulk. He tries to find Hulk but can’t find him on the planet he should be. Excello remind Hulk of past fights and heroic acts. Afterwards Reed tells Tony what he learned

101: Hulk fights the Devil Corkers thinking they are enemies. The Shadow people stop him. Hulk is taken and shown ship that brought them there and explain more of the great portal. They wish to test Hulk but Hulk refuses but still is taught threw this event showing his past events on the planet. The elder says Hulk is not the Sakaarson. Hulk takes the ship with him. Elsewhere Korg and Miek with the bugs take on Red Kings ships as Hulk shows up on the vessel he took. They take out all of the vessels heading for Crown City. Red King gets his armor on and prepares to fight. The Hulk and crew go to face the spikes. We see Hulk going to the spike leader and making an alliance. Elloe gets tricked easily into leading an assault against the Red King. Lucky for her she is saved in the end by Hulk and his army (now including the spikes.)

102: We go to Hulk and crew meeting with the spikes and learning their origins. They ask Hulk for help as well. Crown city: Hulk now with a bigger army gets attacked by Red King’s crew. Red King goes after Hulk himself and we see the fight begin with Hulk smashing Red King to bits and pieces it seems. Hulk and Red King’s fight causes a crack in the ground. The Oldstrong and Korg see this as the end but Hulk jumps in and he shifts the plates back as Red King watches. Hulk emerges punching Red King hard enough ytp ground him where a wildbot comes out and kills him. The fight ends with Hulk’s crew victorious. Hulk is proclaimed king as we see Hulk willingly be eaten by the spikes as we see a tomb in the end.

103: We start in the palace where the spikes drain Hulk back into Bruce who turns back into Hulk before walking threw the city. Some soldiers still loyal to the Red King attack only to be stopped by Miek and Elloe. Elloe’s mother asked them to be spared. Hulk shows up and stops the all around battle. Elloe and Miek battle in the arena as Hulk shows up demanding they fight him. He is attacked but survives and calls them all Warbound. Hulk then demands a queen. Caira takes him and in her room sees Bruce for the first time before she kisses him and they make love. After they wed we see a science hall where Miek and Brood find Hulk’s ship and how to remind him of what happened.


104: Miek wakes up Hulk to see the recording from his ship. Hulk gets angry destroying it and storms off. He takes Caira to the steepes and tells her his plans as he learns she’s pregnant. Hulk goes to work to create peace and rebuild the spike ship as well. Helping them get back to their home Hulk returns home and kisses his wife. Hulk hears beeping elsewhere from his ship and tosses it into the air causing a large explosion which looks like it will destroy everything as the issue ends

The Initiative synopsis


Colorado: Thunderbolts: (Bullseye, Green Goblin, Moonstone, Songbird, Swordsman, Radioactive Man, Venom, Penance
Texas: Rangers: (Firebird, Phantom Rider, Red Wolf, Shooting Star, Texas Twister, Armadillo)
Washington: Earth Force (Earth Lord, Skyhawk, Wind Warrior)
New York: The Mighty Avengers (Ares, Black Widow, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Sentry, Wasp, Wonder Man)
Canada: Omega Flight (Arachne, Beta Ray Bill, Guardian, Sasquatch, Talisman, U.S.Agent)
California: Champions

New Avengers (Doctor Strange, Ronin, Cage, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Echo, Wolverine)

Planet Without a Hulk: She-Hulk

She-Hulk 15: We start a few days ago as Iron Man and his group take down a robot. To the present where She-Hulk trains with SHIELD under Clay. Elsewhere in Nevada Abomination storms the city as She-Hulk attacks him from the sky. They begin a fight as SHIELD gets the citizens out of the way. Agent Cheesecake takes on some looters as well. SHe-Hulk continues to fight and calls Doc Samson during a session with Yellowjacket. In the end we see She-Hulk defeat Abomination and he’s taken away. We then see later her in bed with Clay.

She-Hulk 16: We start with Wolverine following Wendigo as it attacks someone who turns out to be She-Hulk. They team up to face him. Elsewhere SHIELD is met by Talisman who offers help. She-Hulk is taken out of the battle. At the Lawfirm White Rabbit storms out as Mallory tries to stop her and then goes to see Zex getting no where she goes out with Two Gun. Jen wakes her She-Hulk personality with a Star Wars joke and goes to help Wolvie. Crimson and Talisman argue over magic. She-Hulk and Wolverine try a fast ball special which works with Wolverine ripping out Wendigo’s heart. We go back to see Mallory at a play with Two Gun and they leave. She is confronted by a woman about Awesome Andy. Clay and Crew contain Wendigo as She-Hulk offers Wolverine ^$%&. We learn of Project Achilles as well.

Iron Man # 15: Jack Koonig meets with Dum Dum Dugan about Tony and what’s been happening. Sydney Australia Jermiag Islamyah terrorist organization take over the Opera House as Dum Dum ask where Tony is. Tony arrives in Australia in armor with other SHIELD agents given special armor as well. They go and take out the Terrorist finding one with a bomb. Tony takes the bomb to a vessel and put it in the decompression chamber to explode. Dugan reports Tony runs SHIELD as a compant with a personal chef and day care. Dugan had to see Sal Kennedy about his complaints. All missions have been a success since Stark took over we learn. We learn about Maya Hansen being Tony’s consultant. As we go to a meeting with Hill, Kennedy and Dugan talk about various attacks. In China another terrorist meets with some people there about an old man looking like the Mandarin leaving questions for Koonig. Dum Dum’s resignation is not accepted because Koonig needs a man on the inside

Thunderbolts 110: We see Bullseye in and interrogation room answering to a mystery man who tells him he’s been implanted with a net of nanometer-sized wires and transponders. If Bullseye tries to escape he will become brain damaged and paralyzed. We see a falshback to when Bullseye was in the hospital with Daredevil had a gun pointed at his head. Bullseye is to be part of the Thunderbolts and after a year paid $10 million and told to leave the country. Bullseye sweats as we see Norman Osborn is the mystery man. Cleveland: Jack Flag argues with his girlfriend over his old uniform as a woman is attacked on the street outside their apartment. Jack goes to help her. We then see a special report about the Thunderbolts in Colorado in Thunderbolts mountain. The team are taken to a ship while torpedo’s are launched. The Thunderbotls are seated as a seperate T-wagen is sent out of the base which will be a prison. The T-Bolts themselves go out in the Zeus. We see a commercial after about a T-Bolt toy line. We go back to the interview with Moonstone who Norman wants to lead the Thunderbolts instead of Songbird. She will earn tons of money and allowed to keep the moonstone. She agrees to do it. Ohio: Jack gets back to his place and sees the torpedo recon. He gets inside and tells his girlfriend to go to her mothers. She hugs him and begs him not to do this.

Thunderbolts #111: Songbird meets with Norman as we start this issue. He tells her she no longer is leading the team. In Ohio Jack Flag is met by the Thunderbolts as they arrive. Radioactive Man causes an explosion which send him and many cars flying. The battle starts with Jack taking out Swordsman and battles Venom as Moonstone stops Venom from eating him. Jack using moves Cap taught him takes down Songbird. Penance is brought into the battle taking out Jack. Jack goes into an abandoned building where Bullseye jabs a sai into Jack’s spine to cripple him. Jack is taken prisoner as he’s loaded in Swordsman hits Jack. Later Norman is given a list of new targets with him thinking he heard Spider-man. He mixes some meds after.

New Avengers # 27: Echo writes a letter to Matt telling him all that’s happened since she became Ronin and hiding her identity. We go to Ronin surrounded by the Hand and Elektra taking a few out before Elektra kills her. The Hand resurrect her under orders of Elektra and out her in a cell where she sees visions. The New Avengers arrive taking out the Hand and Elektra with Cage kicking Elektra in the crotch as Spidey frees Echo. Strange gathers the group and teleports them away as Echo ask Ronin if he’s Matt. He says not exactly. Elektra orders the New Avengers not to be allowed to leave Japan alive.

Civil War Initiative # 1: Iron Man flys over New York while gathering information. He watched a feed on the Collective who meets Reed and Sasquatch. Sasquatch shoes him how he killed Alpha Flight and throws him a uniform to join Omega Flight. Elsewhere: Hurricane II is running from the Thunderbolts who use their combined abilities to take him down and captive. Later: Iron Man meets with Ms Marvel who tells him about her talking to Spider-Woman who at the time fought Grey Gargoyle. During the conversation Ms Marvel tells her Cap is alive in SHIELD custody. Iron Man didn’t approve of this move. Afterwards Tony goes home and speaks to Jarvis as they talk of starting another Avengers group.

Mighty Avengers # 1: The Avengers (Mighty) arrive to battle Mole Man and his monsters. 4 hours before: Tony meets with Carol to form this Avengers team. In between the fight scenes we see the formation of the new team with Carol even suggesting all powerhouses and Tony disagreeing with this move. As we learn of different natural disasters around the globe. Carol suggest having a Thor and Wolverine model on the group as we see them discuss each member Warp, Wonder Man, Sentry, and Black Widow. After this they go to see Ares working in construction and them asking him to join the group. He agrees as we go back to the fight. The Avengers are not doing a great job in the fight but winning. We see Mole Man demand to be left alone with the Avengers wondering what he’s talking about. As this happens Iron Man’s armor goes wild and morphs in front of them into a naked woman who appears to be Ultron.

Well I liked seeing a ton of questions yet again and some great opinions as well this week. What did you think Daron?

I think Cap’s not really dead, and that’s about it. How long was Hawkeye dead for…a month?

I‘m glad to see it and hope to see it more. Keep those questions coming folks.

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5. Personally I would love a full Cap issue next issue. Not sure we can do it but here’s the goal. I would like questions, comments and more on Cap (we can have more then just Cap and anything related to Cap) but a big Cap tribute issue of the Handbook for our 200th article.

Sounds good to me…even if he’s not really dead.

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