The News Dribble


Smackdown will still be seen on Comcast cable systems
According to Multichannel News, Comcast and Sinclair Broadcast Group came to an agreement that keeps Sinclair’s stations (including some CW Network affiliates) on the air. This would have affected Smackdown viewership if the deal didn’t happen.

In the Houston area? Got an AM radio?
King Booker’s got a new radio show, each Saturday from 10-11:30am CT on KBME 790 AM in Houston.

Attention people who like reading about figures
Cal State’s newspaper has a big story on wrestling figures here.

Dreamer define what a “dreamer” is
Dreamer wrote a commentary letter to Vince explaining who he is and what a “dreamer” is as a reaction to Vince asking Dreamer what a Dreamer is during a recent ECW on SciFi. Of course it also could be his last name. You know, like Tommy Dreamer or Rob Blatt? C’Mon Vince. Ask me what a Blatt is.

Is Tazz dropping the second z?
Tazz is apparently upset at his own content on Shooting With Tazz. He says that everyone else gets to say what they want he stays on the company line. While other shows have actual production, Tazz uses his cell phone or house phone. He makes some good points. Take a listen here. He promises to bring back his edge in the future and not to be “Rah rah rah WWE!”.

The Junkyard Dog award
Winthrop University’s basketball coach gives out a “Junkyard Dog” award to his players. Let’s not discuss how the Junkyard Dog never won any championships. Let’s focus on the fact that he was had “toughness, hustle, and the little things”. Story here.

Whatcha gonna do, brother (dot-com)?
Hulk Hogan’s relaunching his Web site (, DUDE, and has posted a video to the site to hype it up. BROTHER.

Stop reading this and watch the Mick Foley interviews on
Check out five videos here, and if you’re lazy and want to read about it, Steven Fernandes at wrote a recap of them here.