Keiji “The Great Muta” Mutoh to Appear on TNA Tonight


Japanese wrestling legend and former World Champion “The Great Muta” will be in attendance tonight at “Destination X” and will appear on the Pay-Per-View event!

Muta will make his arrival during the TNA Countdown Preshow “Black & Blue Carpet” event, which will feature Jeremy Borash and TNA Knockout Leticia interviewing the TNA stars as they arrive at the arena!

In addition, the Countdown Preshow will also feature Borash getting an up-close and personal look at the Elevation X match as he will walk the scaffold in a harness to give viewers a unique perspective of the battleground that AJ Styles and Rhino will fight on tonight!

The Countdown Preshow starts a half-hour prior to “Destination X” at 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT, with the Pay-Per-View kicking off at 8pm ET / 5pm PT!

A star in Japan and around the world, Muta is a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, having beat Masahiro Chono on January 4, 1993 in Tokyo to win the belt. He later lost it to Barry Windham just over a month later, all around the time the NWA and WCW title status was in a state of Ric Flair-induced flux. You can read the full story of Muta in TNA here.

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