TNA Destination X Quick Results

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Due to cable issues, we weren’t able to post a live recap of TNA’s Destination X PPV; but here are the quick results from the show:

– During the Countdown Preshow, Robert Roode with Ms. Brooks and Eric Young (the driver) showed up in a limo, followed by World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage, who was told via DHL that Tomko’s in Japan on business. Tomko will be back as soon as he gets a title shot.

– A hearse came out, along with casket for the Sting/Abyss match, Eric Young tried to get out of his contract with Roode to no avail, Scott Steiner arrived with two freaks, and The Great Muta (in multicolored mask) arrived, followed by Angle and Joe in the same limo.

– Borash did a preview from atop the Elevation X scaffold, as we went into the cool opening video.

– LAX beat Team 3D in a streetfight that featured a lot of random Latinos and Blacks beating each other up outside of the ring, and Alex Shelley of all people giving Devon a frog splash to lead to a Homicide pin.

– James Storm and Jackie Moore beat Petey Williams and Gail Kim after a superkick on Petey.

– Austin Starr lost to Senshi via Cross Face Chicken Wing, and post-match Starr locked Backlund in the move. Bob was funny here, even taking his shoes off before entering the ring to congratulate Senshi.

– Voodoo Kin Mafia beat Christy Hemme’s team, The Heartbreakers (Antonio & Romeo, formerly The Heart Throbs in WWE) in a horrible, horrible match that went on way too long. Lance Hoyt kidnapped Hemme midway through the match, but she came back out with an S&M like whip and scolded her team after the loss.

– Chris Sabin kept the X Championship in the 2/3 falls match. Lynn got the first fall on Sabin after a tornado DDT, and Sabin tied it up with a powerbomb followed by pinfall with feet on the ropes. Christopher Daniels came out of the crowd, wearing a Sting mask, and distracted Lynn, forcing him to lose, and then beat up both men. Daniels has a beard now.

– Elevation X was scary and should never happen again. Luckily they were smart enough to do the GORE spot ON the scaffolding, with Rhino’s win coming after knocking AJ off, when Styles was hanging on, therefore not very far from the mat.

– Kurt Angle beat Steiner in a match that was very good until the finish, which was an awkward spot. Both men were on top, and Angle went for the sunset flip, but Steiner held onto the top ropes too long and there was an odd delay. Steiner was beaten with the flip, but the timing looked off.

– Sting won the Last Rites match, putting Abyss in the coffin, which was then lifted up into the rafters. LOTS of blood, some cool gimmicked spots like Abyss slamming Sting through the coffin, Sting placing a concrete tombstone onto Abyss and hitting with a baseball bat, breaking it over his head, etc. And lots of humor as the fans turned on the match early with “FI-RE RU-SSO!” chants.

– Joe came to the ring with his Samoan fire dancers, and the match may have been Christian’s best singles match ever, if not his best in TNA. There was no angle to strip the “NWA” name from the belt — and in fact, the title was called “NWA” several times throughout the night, including in a backstage altercation between Christian and former NWA World Champ Muta — but the ending was controversial, so it should be interesting to see how this ties into the rumored NWA/TNA split. Joe kicked out of the Unprettier, Christian kicked out of the Muscle Buster, there was a ref bump, some shenanigans, and Christian won with feet on the ropes, after reversing a kokina clutch into a roll-up. Good match, slightly dissappointing ending, but Cage/Joe in a cage seems likely for next month in St. Louis.

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