Richly Deserved: The Apprentice: Los Angeles – Episode 6-8

Previously, Jenn took any idea thrown out for a high-class promotional event, whether or not the idea was high class. Jenn fumbled her way through a presentation. Jenn tried to blame Angela for the loss. Jenn thought that with Derek being fired before her, she was spared. Jenn was wrong and was fired. Jenn left with a group hug from her team.

Oh yeah, using the term ‘white trash’ isn’t cool with Trump but apparently, ‘fo schizzle’ is.

Derek is off to East L.A., presumably to be with his peeps. Jenn is whisked to Beverly Hills because we respect her. Our teams are now …
Kinetic: Heidi, Angela, Muna, Kristine.
Arrow: Frank, James, Stefani, Tim, Surya, Nicole

Before the task, Muna leads a pep talk for Kinetic and Surya addresses Arrow. Frank thinks Surya is phony and seems to have had enough of him.

Bill joins us this week. The teams are to create a halftime show to promote GNC nutrition stores. The show would take place at a Los Angeles Galaxy (yes, THAT Los Angeles Galaxy) soccer game.

Frank wants something big and interactive. Tim suggests a boxing theme with a down-and-out boxer being re-energized by a multi-vitamin (or at least, we think that’s the idea). Surya quiets them down to get them to think of more ideas but Frank makes a mockery of that as well.

Kristine steps up to be project manager for Kinetic because she once worked as a halftime co-ordinator for a Miami Arena Football team (Funny, but I don’t remember a Miami team in the AFL, must have been AF2). Anyway they suggest the GNC Multivitamin Challenge (something like the Milwaukee Brewers sausage race only it’s guys dressed up as vitamins jumping over heart disease and kidney failure, uh, thingys).

A couple of conflicts occur. Kristine has trouble with Muna, who is only trying to throw out ideas to improve the task. Surya is having trouble with James who, well into the preparation of the task, starts saying that it’s a bad idea. Uh, a little late for that, James.

The Kinetic girls work really hard and even though Muna gets in the way with a bit of micromanaging, things go smoothly. The game starts and even in the final minutes before halftime, Arrow still doesn’t seem to have their act together. Bill listens in and is not pleased.

Halftime arrives and the game is scoreless. Kinetic puts on their show first. Angela, with that booming voice of hers, emcees and screams as the vitamins go through the obstacle course. Muna, who has helped the team with her Spanish-speaking skills before, takes a turn to deliver the message to the Hispanics in the crowd (Great move. Anyone who knows the MLS knows that teams in New York, Chicago, L.A., and Texas get most of their support from their Hispanic communities)

Arrow comes out next. Frank and Nicole (putting that voice at risk again), yell as Tim, playing the boxer, goes through the act. Surya is excited but neither the crowd nor Stephen the GNC executive guy are impressed.

Stephen loved the Spanish touch and the message and was confused by Arrow’s presentation so Kinetic wins.

A day with Trump at his L.A. golf course. The girls actually play well. Trump comments on Angela’s swing (hey, she’s a hockey player). He tells her “Think of the ball as the Russian hockey team” (Uh, Mr. Trump, the Russian women’s team is irrelevant. She was probably thinking of the ball as Vicky Sunohara or Gina Kingsbury). Anyway a fun day out and a chance to interact with Trump on a personal level.

Surya gets some coaching and encouragement from Angela through the bushes. Muna and Heidi join in. Angela worries their boardroom will be ugly.

Frank said his halftime show was boring. Tim thought the concept was good but poorly carried out. James said the team was not inspired by his leadership. Surya said James created a “cover your ass” environment. The team, one by one said they’d fire Surya. Surya brings back James and Tim.

James and Surya kept going at it. Even though Tim wants Surya gone, he agrees with some of the points that go against James. Nonetheless, Trump said James did not do anything to lose the task. Surya is fired. In the limo, Surya said Trump made a mistake. James and Tim compliment Surya for being a fighter.

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