Picture in Picture: Grease: You're The One That I Want Episode 9

Last week they eliminated a girl; the week before it was a guy. Tonight, the whole cast is back together to narrow the field to six.

The opening sequence tonight is Grease Is The Word. The microphone problems are back. At this point, I wonder if the people responsible for this show are actually watching it. If you’re having a show that is a singing competition, you’d think someone would make sure you could actually hear the singers. Of course, I’ve been harping on this since the first week so obviously I’m the only person watching.

David Ian is jaw-droppingly orange this evening. There’s a special guest judge on the panel tonight; Rob Marshal, Kathleen’s big brother and the director of the film version Chicago. So he’s the one responsible for that monstrosity. Way to cast a bunch of people who can’t sing in a movie based on a musical, Robbie.

Austin and Chad are announced as the bottom two. Well, I was right on Chad. I can’t imagine that they will keep him. It would be silly to drop the only experienced guy you have on the show for a guy who’s only proven to have a decent voice.

Allie starts with Natural Woman. Last week I couldn’t remember why I didn’t like her. Now I remember: she’s just kind of boring. No oomph or pop. This song choice didn’t do anything to alleviate that. It was just eh. She’s probably the next girl going home.

Derek follows with Devil In Disguise. This was a good song choice for him. It stays in a low register, right in his wheelhouse. This was actually the first time I’ve watched him and didn’t think he was awful, so that’s a plus. They do really cheesy video packages about how the contestants’ appearances on the show are doing for their hometowns and their family. So, so, so unnecessary.

Rob Marshal, much like the other judges, loves everyone. Only Rob and Kathleen get to comment on these two. I’m actually beginning to wonder if the judges are under orders NOT to be mean to anyone or tell them they sucked, because unless they sound tremendously different live than they’re coming across on television, they’re being dishonest.

Laura goes next. To her credit, as much as I think Ashley is going to win this whole thing, she’s bringing it. The end was really rough, but I think it’s almost guaranteed that this is going to come down to her and Ashley.

Max goes next in a really interesting wardrobe choice of blue jeans and a tucked in tie and vest. This is not helping his tough guy image at all. He does Suspicious Minds. I really have no idea what to think of Max and there’s only so many ways to say it. It’s almost impossible to see him as Danny Zucco, especially considering he’s going to be surrounded by jacked up professionals and he’s going to look ridiculous.

Jim Jacobs points out the odd factor of the brunette sandy and the skinny Jewish Max. Rob Marshal, as expected, loves everyone.

In honor of Rob Marshall, we get a group performance of All That Jazz from Chicago. Actually, they do a pretty good job of it. Rob Marshal loves it.

The sing-off is basically a toss-up but the judges go with experience and save Austin. This is probably right call. I don’t think Chad was going to win the role, so getting him out of the way was probably the right thing to do. It leaves us with an interesting triumvirate going into the last weeks. Max has the right voice, Derek has the right look, and Austin has the most experience.

Ashley does You Keep Me Hangin On. She pretty much locks up a Sandy-off between her and Laura. In no way can I see Allie getting through to the final two.

Austin follows Can’t Help Falling In Love. It was good, if not the best song choice. It should be good enough to get him through, but I didn’t think he’d be in the bottom two this week.

David calls Ashley as part of the top two, and I’d agree. Rob Marshal loves everyone.

Laura and Max probably pulled off the best performances. Max is going to look ridiculous surrounded by jacked up tough guys on a Broadway stage. This is why I’m still having a hard time buying him as the winner. Everyone picks their favorite, except Rob Marshall, who loved everyone. That was possibly the most worthless guest judge spot on the history of guest judge spots.

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