WSX & WSXtra Previews for Episodes 5-9 (Marathon Tonight!)

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Tonight — March 13, 2007 — MTV will unleash 2 1/2 hours of ALL NEW, NEVER BEFORE SEEN WSX action!

That’s right – 5 ALL NEW EPISODES of Wrestling Society X – back-to-back starting at 11 PM EST/PST! A marathon of fresh episodes of WSX!

Don’t miss any of the action as things kick off with one of the most spectacular high-flying matches of the season as The Filth and The Fury, Teddy Hart and Matt Cross, taking on Team Dragon Gate and end 2 1/2 hours later with one of the most talked about matches of the season as Jack Evans and the Human Tornado battle it out one-on-one! Plus, in the middle, you¹ll see the most intense battle in WSX history as Vampiro and Ricky Banderas battle it out for the WSX Championship and the debuts of many new WSX stars!

How much high flying rapid-fire action, insane outstanding acrobatics, and explosive innovative wrestling can we give you in two and a half hours?

Will your body be able to handle the WSXperience?

Episode 5 – 11:00 pm ET/PT

The putrid smell of Vampiro’s burnt dreadlock still lingers in the WSX Bunker, as last time on Wrestling Society X Matt Sydal and his leading lady Lizzy Valentine took the award for “best performance in a wrestling contest” against Award Winning Scorpio Sky! Keepin’ It Gangsta (“King Of Bling” Babi Slymm & “The Regulator Of The Ring” Ruckus) called out any team, and brought their over $2,000,000 BLING’D OUT LADDER to Knock The F’OUT of Joey “Magnum” Ryan and sent the 70’s team back to the Robs Place (Check it out, a “What’s happening?” reference in 2007)!

The degenerate 6-Pac jumped Human Torando before his match against Next Generation star El Hombre Blanco Enmascarado and called out WSX Champion Vampiro! Vampiro came to the ring, but ended up being viciously attacked by a mysterious, rather large and scared man.

This beast of a man proceeded to throw a fireball severely burning the dark soul of Vampiro

INTERNATIONAL TAG TEAM AFFAIR – The Filth & The Fury (Teddy Hart & Matt “M-Dogg 20” Cross) vs. Team Dragon Gate (Masato Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi)

Three weeks ago, The Filth & The Fury made their shocking (pun intended) debut as third generation superstar Teddy Hart not only electrocuted Spyder Nate Webb of the Trailer Park Boyz (taking WSX.MTV.COM temporarily offline), but proceeded to hit his open heart surgery off of one of the seedier sides of the WSX Bunker.

Matt “M-Dogg 20” Cross landed his M-Dogg Fury (shooting star legdrop) for a huge win for this thrilling new generation Can-Am Connection. However, they step back into the ring this week on Wrestling Society X, facing international ambassadors of the WSX United Nations in Yoshino & Horiguchi of Team Dragon Gate. The pride and joy of the land of the rising sun will be looking to regroup after the disco demolition against that 70’s team two weeks ago and last week’s loss on WSXtra to emotional, yet unstable, duo of D.I.F.H. They have lost face, but will they regain “honor” tonight? Get ready and strap yourself in as this match will featuring rapid-fire action, outstanding acrobatics, innovative wrestling, and four of the best in WSX!


Will 6-Pac answer the Human Torando’s challenge? As the beautiful Lacey was getting ready to host WSXtra last week, the Human Torando regained consciousness and challenged the man who attacked him from behind with a num-chuck last week, the one and only 6-Pac! Torando and his balls of steels asked if 6-Pac had a set after facing Vampiro’s exploding coffin. The leader of the tornaHOs challenged the former WWE, WCW, TNA, XPW Champion to settle their differences this week, not in the posh yet foul smelling dressing rooms of the WSX Bunker, but in the ring! Will 6-Pac accept the challenge of this rising Next Generation star? When finally reached for comment, 6-Pac said he had two small words for WSX.MTV.COM that we can’t print here!

TWO DEBUTS, ONE MATCH – “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon vs. Delikado

We were introduced last week to “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon, who showed us his strong style by destroying a friend of his with harsh shots and elbow smashes in anticipation of his in-ring debut. This week, he’s in the Bunker and ready to face the masked assassin known as Delikado. Like the man who attacked Vampiro last week, not much is known about Delikado but word is he fits the cliché “silent but deadly” to a “T.” Will Anarchy reign supreme in the WSX Bunker or will Delikado lead to his defeat?


This just in! WSX.MTV.COM has gotten a message from someone calling themselves “The Dark Prophet.” This person has asked for some time this week on Wrestling Society X to give his “justification for my fiery actions of last week.” The address he gave our camera crew? A cold concrete crypt at a rundown cemetery. Now, for the first time ever, this mystery man who attacked Vampiro last week will speak on his heinous actions! Who is this “Dark Prophet?” Why did he come to Wrestling Society X? What’s with his burnt face and what does Vampiro have to do with it? Turn in if you dare!

Plus a performance from Jibbs!

On WSXTra, one-half of the tag team champions known as the full Wrestling Society X experience, is back again this week with a brand new edition! Hosted by Lacey (mmmmmmm Lacey) and the worlds greatest hypeman (sorry Flavor Flav) Fabien Kalen. On this episode, two huge tag team contests with some of the finest tag teams in the entire wrestling world! We saw last time on WSXtra an incident between the brash Luke Hawx, along his tag team partner Alkatrazz, and the blinged out bad boys of Keepin It Gangsta. Cameras caught their brawl backstage. This week, the brawl continues – in the ring! Will Ruckus bring the bling’d out ladder worth over a million dollars?

Will the “southern stomper” lay waste to “sweet” Babi Slymm? Will Alkatrazz violate his parole? Will Ruckus, bring the um, ruckus? Plus, two more of the many great teams who call the WSX Bunker home rumble, as Los Pochos Guapos (Joey “Kaos” Munoz & Aaron “Jesus” Aguilera) will be in action. Can these handsome Latino heartthrobs keep focused this week or will they fall victim to the Trailer Park Boyz of Josh “Jug” Raymond & “Spyder” Nate Webb? Uncle White Trash Johnny Webb has promised his team a post-match victory feast for the ages at Applebee’s if the White Trash Boys can reign supreme! Will Los Ponchos Guapos derail White Trash Boys’ high life and apple cobbler dreams?

Check it out online!

Episode 6 – 11:30 pm ET/PT


Scorpio Sky, a man recognized by his peers at Montclair High as “Best Athlete” and “Most Likely To Succeed” is back to the bunker this week on Wrestling Society X. After his tough loss to the cocky coverboy Matt Sydal, he decided to beat Sydal at his own game. No, not the men’s catalog fashion game or “Hungry Hungry Hippos”, but inside the squared circle. The egomaniacal Sky challenged the undefeated Prince Of Parkland Jack Evans (who holds a victory over Sydal) to a match this week on WSX! The ariel emperor was quick to accept Sky’s challenge telling WSX.MTV.COM “Man, I don’t know what this Scorpio Sky is thinking? His moves are tight, but next to Jack Evans, son I’m gold medal and you’re just honorable mention! Check your watch Sky, its almost time for the 630 senton express! And you know this man! ” As we’ve seen over the last few weeks, these two New Generation stars are two of the most thrilling athletes to watch. This should be an exhilarating action packed contest of wrestling society Xcellence!


It’s the age old battle: Bee Gee’s vs. Jawbreaker! Frampton vs. Dashboard! Loggins & Messina vs. Lifetime & My Chemical Romance! What happens when the jive talkin’-feeling groovy-mustache riding vibes of That ’70s Team (Joey “Magnum” Ryan & Disco Machine), face passionate Tyler and delicate Jimmy of D.I.F.H. These two teams are no strangers to one another, as they fought two weeks ago on WSXtra. Jimmy took a break from text messaging and waving at the pretty girls to help Tyler hit the emotional explosion for the victory. Jimmy was so overwhelmed afterwards he nearly stage dove into some lovely ladies at the WSX Bunker. Tonight, the rematch has been set! Will we see a disco demolition or the emotional explosion? Can Jimmy focus on the match inside the ring? Will Disco’s balls get smashed?

All this plus more coming off of the shocking events of last week’s episode!

Make sure you don’t forget to turn in or log on to WSXTra, the additional scoop on the weekly WSX sundee! Hosted by Lacey and the main man on the mic Fabien Kalen! Speaking of the Cocky Coverboy Matt Sydal, he has flown back from Milan, Italy hanging out with Milano and all the other Italian fashion models, designers and beautiful people in order to compete this week on WSXtra. Him and main squeeze Lizzy Valentine caused a paparazzi panic in Italy, but back in the WSX Bunker can they forget about the runway, lights and the catwalk. Matt better be ready as this week, he’s facing the returning El Hombre Blanco Enmascarado! The man from just north of the border has been winless but impressive in Wrestling Society X. Can he possibly cover the international cover boy for the 1-2-3, or will El Hombre’s victory hat dance be delayed once again? Plus, the deadly duo of Alkatrazz & Luke Hawx are back, but instead of Gangstas they will be facing the All-American dream team of Josh “Jug” Raymond & “Spyder” Nate Webb along with Uncle White Trash Johnny Webb and you know them as the Trailer Park Boyz!

Episode 7 – 12:00 am ET/PT

FILTH & FURY’S UNDEFEATED STREAK IS ON THE LINE!Los Pochos Guapos vs. The Filth & The Fury

In which should be an explosive contest (no pun intended, seriously. . .), the undefeated Filth & Fury (Teddy Hart & Matt Cross) will do battle with Los Pochos Guapos (Joey “Kaos” Munoz & Aaron “Jesus” Aguilera). Los Pochos are still at odds when it comes to team unity. Aguilera is too focused on the mamacitas, carvezas, and disco’s balls(?) which is driving Kaos insane. Keep in mind, when they are on the same page, Los Poncho’s are a fantastic team in the vein of other classic Latino tag teams in wrestling history such as Pedro Morales y Carlos Colon, Los Fabulosos (Silver King y El Dandy) and The Conquistadors (Uno y Dos). Kaos wants to work together with Aguilera, as the next generation of American Latino superstar athletes, can these two work together towards a common goal and stop the Filth & Fury’s high flying adrenaline rush?

COCKY COVERBOY, MEET TORNADOHuman Tornado vs. Matt Sydal (with Lizzy Valentine)

Coming off a few weeks of distraction with 6-Pac, the P-I-M-P of WSX is back in the WSX Bunker again to entertain his legions of fans, the TornaHOs, on Wrestling Society X! The man with all the moves and more game then Sega will be looking to return to his winning ways. However, he’s not going to the ring against a chump or a chimp, he’s going to the ring against the cocky coverboy Matt Sydal. Sydal, along with his beautiful girlfriend Lizzy Valentine has been on a tear lately and tonight he wants to show everyone that he’s just not another ridiculously sinfully handsome pretty face. “Calvin, Donatella, Stella be dammed, I’m taking a hiatus from the catwalk until I am on top of my game in WSX!” Matt said while looking in his hand mirror. “And when I come back, male modeling world be ready, because I’m getting better looking every day!” Matt’s main squeeze Lizzy laughed in approval as she quickly folded up a yellow note addressed to “Peaches.”


Plus, Arik Cannon is back in action, but this time, he’s got backup! (We don’t want to give too much away before you watch this little marathon now do we. . .?)

Plus a performance from Musical Guest Quietdrive

Also check out WSXTra this week featuring Keepin’ It Gangsta (“King Of Bling” Babi Slymm & “The Regulator Of The Ring” Ruckus)vs. Alkatrazz & Luke and Award Winning Scorpio Sky faces the Youth Suicide in Suicides’ second professional match!

Episode 8 – 12:30 am ET/PT

FINALLY, THE MATCH! – WSX Championship: Vampiro vs. Ricky Banderas

The wait is over. And now, for the first time in WSX history, Vampiro puts his WSX Championship on the line. However, the steaks have never been higher, the action never so hard hitting and oh so personal, as tonight Vampiro will be facing the man whose face is forever altered due to his own hands, Ricky Banderas. Tonight on Wrestling Society X, these two gladiators enter the ring, with the richest prize in WSX on the line. We’ve seen Banderas reign of terror inside the WSX bunker (watch the friggin’ marathon – you’ll see what we mean. Man, was he an a****** in episode 6!).

We’ve learned the two men’s sorted history in Puerto Rico some time ago (Trust us, watch and you will understand. We strive for logic!). Nevertheless, this week, there MUST BE A WINNER. Vampiro nearly had to kill himself in order to be reborn anew and win the title from 6-Pac, what price will Vampiro be willing to pay to hold on to the title? What will “The Dark Prophet”, the monster, do to Vampiro once he gets his hands on him in the ring? More significantly, how far will these men go in order to become champion? Two men, one title, a history of flame! Tonight on WSX! We present the World Title grudge match of the year.

Plus a performance from Musical Guest Pitbull and more hot off the heels of last week’s vicious gang attack on WSXtra!

WSXTra will feature the return of Team Dragon Gate (Masato Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi) vs. D.I.F.H. (Tyler Black & Jimmy Jacobs) and Trailer Park Boyz (Josh “Jug” Raymond & “Spyder” Nate Webb) vs. The Masked Dream Team of El Hombre Blanco Enmascarado & Matt Classic vs. That 70s Team (Joey “Magnum” Ryan & Disco Machine) and THE DANCE OFF between Jack Evans & Human Tornado!

Episode 9 – 1:00 am ET/PT

TRASH TALK BRAWL MATCH!Alkatrazz & Luke vs. “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon & His Mystery Partner

It doesn’t really give too much away to tell you that Luke, once again said the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time. Harsh words were spoken, violent tempers raged, flying fists flew, and chaos ensued. Just a normal day in the WSX Bunker. However, Cannon challenged the out of control duo to a match this week on WSX. Will Cannon shut Luke’s mouth for good with fists and elbows, or will Cannon and company spend some time in solitary confinement?


He may have won Most Likely to Succeed at Montclair High, but Award Winning Scorpio Sky has not racked up the victories like he racked up trophies and digits back in the day. But still, his enormous ego is as inflated as a hot air balloon. Pac, on the other hand, is still on a rampage since not winning the WSX title! The degenerate who lives the surreal life is looking to remain undefeated since his loss to Vampiro and plans to smoke Sky!

EPIC NEXT GENERATION DREAM DESTINY MATCH – “The Prince of Parkland” Jack Evans vs. Human Tornado

Two of the brightest next generation stars in Wrestling Society X finally will do battle this week! The undefeated Ariel Emperor, The Price Of Parkland, and man of 1000 nicknames Jack Evans will be facing Human Tornado in which should be a classic match. Concurrently both men are extremely popular and have all the moves in the ring, as illustrated in their WSXtra publicized Dance Off (WSXtra Episode 8) all the moves on the dance floor. The men may have fought to a draw under the ol’ School dance off rules but this week, they’ll be doing more then just dancing. They’ll be facing each other in the ring. This is the most important match of these young stars career. For Jack Evans, he’s been tearing thru the next generation of competition in WSX, and the Tornado is one of the few men he has not defeated. For Human Tornado wants to show he’s the top Next Generation star in WSX and put an end to Jack’s streak. His record is almost spotless, and he’s coming in bringing his a-game. This isn’t about hate, this isn’t about dancing, this isn’t about ToranHo’s or Evans-Maniacs, this is about two men just getting in the ring and proving who is the best! Prepare to witness the evolution of the Next Generation, in the ring!

Plus a performance from Musical Guest Styles P

WSXTra will feature the two heated tag team rivalry between the Trailer Park Boyz (Josh “Jug” Raymond & “Spyder” Nate Webb) vs. Keep It Gangsta, D.I.F.H. (Tyler Black & Jimmy Jacobs) vs. That 70s Team (Joey “Magnum” Ryan & Disco Machine)

It’s all tonight, starting at 11 PM, only on MTV and only airing ONCE! Be sure to catch it before it¹s too late!!! Support the next generation of pro wrestling! And stay tuned for information on the EXPLOSIVE (ok, NOW the pun is intended) season finale of WRESTLING SOCIETY X!

Go to http://www.WSX.MTV.COM for more info.

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