Make Movement: Michaels/Cena Magic, Compelling Storylines From the WWE


It’s nice to be able to enjoy the WWE product again, especially since the TNA PPV was wrong on every level. I’m not going to elaborate except to say Sting versus Abyss was one of the cheesiest wrestling matches TNA has ever produced; though I had no expectations for it, it was actually worse than I could have ever imagined. Cornette had to be throwing up in the back somewhere. Even the only good match of the show, Samoa Joe versus Christian, couldn’t save Destination X.

RAW in DC was yet another strong show, making me wish RAW could be like this every week. Shawn Michaels and John Cena continue to bring compelling wrestling storyline magic, at just the right pacing, making everything feel as realistic as WWE can be. The one element that could have been brought up that wasn’t, is Michaels asking Cena where was Cena during the many times DX got outnumbered in the past? Sure, they teamed up a few times, but what were Cena’s interests?

It’s great having Stone Cold back, who can save segments that need saving (like too much talking from the Billionaires). The WWE has really missed his dynamic and others like him. The most disturbing thing about this whole feud however is Donald Trump’s hair, or whatever that is. Is that a dead creature claiming its final resting place on Trump Towers? The poor guy. Whatever the case may be, that hair is horrific. I never noticed just how bad it was because the news rarely shows The Donald from the side. But when you check out his right side, look out! It’s troubling, it’s got its own bad hairstyle challenging the top of Trump’s head. At least we know that Vince looks pretty damn good with no hair on his head. That’s comforting since Vince is willing to be Trump’s Billionaire Bitch when he takes a shove onto (or through) a table (was it supposed to break?). I certainly didn’t expect to see Trump bump around so somebody’s got to work.

The other big story was the surprised, pre-taped appearance of The Rock! I really miss seeing The Rock on WWE TV and though he looks lean, what a reaction by the crowd. WWE should just pay the man whatever he wants to come back one more time. He still has the gift of gab and the smile like no other.

Another strong point included Randy Orton winning (not a surprise) the qualifying match for Money in the Bank, so we can see and have more tension between himself and Edge. Flair and Carlito should still get their big pay day by wrestling each other on WrestleMania, and the audience gets its reward by seeing Edge and Orton finally in a position where they can face each other for the prized briefcase.

My only major complaint besides the one I make week in and week out by allowing girls like Ashley to wrestle (who actually can’t!) and how WWE ruins tag teams for the sake of their main event stars, is why are you pushing Chris Masters and the Masterlock Challenge again? I think we’ve run out of RAW superstars to not break that ridiculous hold so send him to ECW to work with Matt Striker or send him to Smackdown. Regardless, it’s five minutes of a show I can’t get back. Masters is not getting good heel heat, we’re right back to “get him off my TV” heat because WWE has no clue what to do with him. All I could think about this week was if Masters had been a WWE superstar fifteen to twenty years ago, he would have been working with “The Model” Rick Martel.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at