A Spartan To Be A Snake?

Credit: Variety

300 has only been in theatres five days and already Gerard Butler is receiving new acting roles.

It seems that Neal Moritz (The Fast And The Furious) is all set to produce a remake of John Carpenter’s Escape From New York and that Gerard Butler is winning the race to take over the Kurt Russell’s role of Snake Plissken. Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down) is already set to write the script so it seems as if this film is a done deal, but confirmation on Butler is still not certain yet.

The story takes place way in the future year of 1998 (the original came out in 1981) when things have drastically changed and Manhatten is now a huge island prison. A terrorist has taken down the President’s plane and is holding him hostage. Former war-hero and newly convicted criminal Snake Plissken makes a deal to rescue the President in exchange for his freedom. Snake’s life now depends on it as an explosive charge injected into his body will only destroy itself safely if he is successful.

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