Deep South Wrestling TV Report for March 4, 2007

Deep South Wrestling TV Report
Airing March 4, 2007 on CSS
Taped on February 22, 2007 at the Deep South Arena in McDonough, Ga

Nigel Sherrod narrated highlight clips from last week’s episode. Keith Walker’s launched his path of destruction. Freakin Deacon and G-Rilla squashed Jon Bolen and Shawn Osborne. The match between Team Elite and Majors Brothers match ended as a DQ when Mike Knox put Brett Majors through a table, and Vito retained the DSW Heavyweight Title by beating Siaki, despite the presence of Afa and his necklace. Sherrod announced the suspensions of Bradley Jay and Ryan O’Reilly had been lifted. Jay was getting a title shot at Vito later tonight and O’Reilly was livid about it.

Cut to GM Krissy Vaine entering the ring in southern belle mode for her weekly State of DSW speech. The “Angel” chants grow louder by the week. Vaine said she was granting her “friend” Angel a match against the “stinky, smelly, muscley but now Divalicious” Bag Lady, who was making her inring debut. Vaine said Angel had been begging her for a chance to get revenge on Bag Lady for viciously attacking her. Vaine said had turned the requests by Majors Brothers and Team Elite for an Extreme Rules Match but had granted them a no DQ match. Vaine acknowledged that her personal troubleshooter, Ryan O’Reilly was unhappy about Jay getting the title shot, but she had a reputation to uphold, and couldn’t show favoritism.

Nattie Neidhart asked Afa is he was concerned about Eric Perez. Afa said in Samoa, they had a name for people that blamed their misfortunes on others – “Fafafenges.” The fafafenges wre treated like dogs. They were taken high up on a rock and castrated, just like the Samoans had done to Perez in Deep South. Afa said making him mad could be fatal for Perez. He let loose with what I assume was a Samoan war cry.

Luscious was with Perez. He said he wanted to thank the Samoans, because when after they turned on him, he went to a very dark place, and remembered why he’s the Puerto Rican Nightmare.

“Be ready to go to that dark place with me. Be ready to enter my world, the Puerto Rican Nightmare world, because tonight, Afa, you will get mugged.”

(1) Eric Perez pinned Afa (with Siaki) in 6:08 after distraction by G-Rilla & Freakin Deacon. Neidhart was Sherrod’s broadcast partner for the hour. Fierce brawling commenced before ref John Cone had a chance to call for bell. Perez was getting the better of it until he speared the ringpost when Afa stepped aside. Perez dropped to the floor selling the arm injury that put him on the shelf for the past month. Perez was a one-armed man for the duration. Afa let out another war cry and nailed Perez with a running knee to the face. Perez went limp and glassy-eyed, but managed to roll a shoulder just before the three count. Afa continued his relentless assault on the injured arm. Out of nowhere, Perez hit a german suplex, but it took a heavy toll on his injured arm. Sherrod said Perez was flopping around like a fish out of water. Perez made a one-armed comeback, dropkicked Afa and made a back cover. Siaki was ready to interfere when Deacon came out with Willow and G-Rilla arrived through the front door. They had Siaki cornered and cowering. Inside the ring, Afa leveled Perez with a savate kick and ventured over to check out the commotion. Deacon shoved Willow towards Afa. Afa freaked and got rolled up by Perez.

Angel Williams said Vaine was being disingenuous by claiming to be her friend and wanting to help her career. Williams said it was obvious that Vaine hired Bag Lady to end her career and guaranteed a different outcome tonight.

“Now everybody knows that I’m the Queen Diva. I’ll beat up a street urchin. I don’t care.”

(2) Angel Williams pinned the Bag Lady in 4:10 with Lights Out. Bag Lady was wearing a giant pink hat to compliment her muscular physique and humongous boobs. Bag Lady attacked Williams as she came through the ropes. Williams got the upper hand and bounced Bag Lady’s head off the mat a few times. Bag Lady shot Angel’s throat into the middle rope. Bag Lady choked Angel and pounded away. Bag Lady cut off a comeback by dropping Angel with a big right hand. Bag Lady hit a sitout fistdrop and hooked the legs for a two count. Bag Lady tossed Williams by the hair like a rag doll. Williams kicked out of multiple covers. Bag Lady showed signs of frustration. Bag Lady smashed Angel’s face into the mat and pounded her from the mount. From her vantage point on the ramp, Vaine applauded. Bag Lady tried for a piledriver. Williams displayed incredible flexibility with mule kicks to Bag Lady’s head. William nailed Bag Lady flush in the face with a bicycle kick, knocking her for a loop. Bag Lady gathered herself and climbed to the top rope. Williams socked Bag Lady in the gut as she landed. Wiliams hit her downward spiral type finisher for the three count. Williams waved bye-bye to Vaine.

(3) Brian Majors (with Brett Majors) pinned Derrick Neikirk (with Mike Knox) at 8:18 in a no DQ match. Sherrod said Brett was too injured to compete so Vaine ordered a singles match. Brian didn’t wait for the bell to attack. He had Neikirk reeling. The battle spilled to the outside. Brian took an awesome bump after being whipped into the ring steps. Neikirk followed up with a snap suplex on the floor. As the vicious assault on Brett’s back continued, Neidhart discussed Neikirk’s ruthless and sadistic ways. Back inside the ring, Neikirk suplexed Brett for a two count. Neikirk cut off a rally with a poke to the eyes and a beautiful standing dropkick. Over the next few minutes, Brett kicked out of a plethora pin attempts, and the crowd, mainly kids, got behind Brett bigtime. Brett charged full speed into Neikirk’s snap powerslam for a near fall. Brett planted Neikirk with a spinebuster and went to the top, but there was nobody home for his Macho Man elbow drop. Brian got whipped into the corner, and Knox clocked him with one of the title belts. Brett clocked Neikirk with the other belt and threw Brian on top of him. Cone saw Brett in the ring with the belt, but since it was no DQ, he made the three count on Neikirk. Big kiddie pop for the finish.

Luscious told Ryan O’Reilly that Vaine loved to play head games. Reilly said he was coming off a 10 day suspension and $1000 fine and he didn’t care. He didn’t care what Vito thought or what Jay thought, because whoever won the match tonight had to face him next week. “One of you is going to be champion for short, but not for long.”

Earlier today Jay got confrontational with Vito. Jay said it looked like things hadn’t been going Vito’s way since he stopped wearing the dress (what is it about two successful title defenses that’s not going Vito’s way?). Vito reminded Jay that he beat his ass wearing a dress. Jay said he was coming to take his title back. Vito said Jay didn’t have the guts. “When you come to Big Vito’s neighborhood, you’re gonna walk out a loser.” Jay said he was taking the title along with the all the dignity and respect Vito thought he earned wearing it. Vito told Jay to give it his best shot. They went nose-to-nose.

(4) Bradley Jay defeated Vito at 9:45 to become the first two-time DSW Heavyweight Champion. Cautious start. The crowd was really into Vito strong, so Jay decided to take a walk. No lock up. Jay attacked with a knee to the gut, an elbow to the neck and a boot in the head. Jay clamped on a side headlock. Vito answered with his Muay Thai attack. Jay thumbed Vito in the eye and went back to brawling. Neidhart said Jay’s arrogance reminded her of a young JBL. Vito hit a diving headbutt for two count. Jay rolled to the apron and snapped Vito’s throat off the top rope. Vito kicked out. Neidhart said this match reminded her of Uncle Owen vs. Ken Shamrock in the Hart family dungeon. The middle portion of the match saw Jay take it the ground and attempt to choke off Vito’s air supply. The kids were going crazy for a Vito comeback. Vito escaped from Jay’s bodyslam and rolled him with up with a handful of tights for a good near fall. Vito hit a back suplex. Both men down, as ref Scrappy McGowan’s count reached five. Vito made the full-fledged comeback. Vito got a near fall with an enzuigiri. Vito planted Jay with his fireman’s carry drop and hit the ropes, but he ran headfirst into Jay’s knees on another attempt at a diving headbutt. At least that’s what was supposed to happen. Vito sold it anyway. Jay hit the Second City Slam and pinned Vito with a handful of tights.

The Inside Pulse
The good news was that every match involved a major issue and had excellent heat. The not so good news was that the first three matches were all variations on the same theme, so there was a déjà vu quality about them. The opener featured some first rate selling by Perez. I could feel his pain coming right into my living room. Williams is turning into a damn good brawler for her size. Bag Lady (Melissa Coates) is still built huge, much along the lines of Beth Phoenix. Majors and Neikirk was really good brawl. Brett’s selling was also very good. Neikirk’s all business attitude is so old school. I love it. Vito generate the most sustained chanting for a comeback of any DSW babyface in recent memory. It sounded like mostly the kids. Neidhart’s comment about Jay reminding her of a young JBL was interesting. On one hand it seemed like a ridiculous stretch, but on the other hand, JBL wasn’t exactly a fountain of charisma in his John Hawk days. Neidhart came across painfully tight and awkward on commentary. It was a case where trying too hard was worse than not having much to say. She was certainly wearing the Hart legacy on her sleeve. Dark match results: Perez d. Osborne, Bolen d. Heath Miller, Walker d. Ace Steele, Ray Gordy d. Brian Cage, G-Rilla & Deacon d. Robert Anthony & Johnny Curtis.