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Could Lauren and Heidi’s friendship be headed for splitsville?

Here’s where I stand on the whole situation. Yes Lauren is trying to be the good friend and let’s face it Spencer hasn’t exactly proven that he’s worthy to have Heidi and from what we’ve seen it’s clear that the guy is all talk. For some reason he can’t seem to keep it in his pants when they go out to the clubs. Even though he told Heidi that Lauren would find some way to blame him for picking up another girl, he proves her right by chatting it up with some random. Then he has the nerve to pull Lauren aside to call her out. I’m surprised she didn’t let him have it. Look, Heidi is totally blinded by Spencer but then again didn’t Lauren make the same mistake with Jason? It’s not as if the girls haven’t warned Heidi so I say live and learn.

As for my beef with Heidi, her first mistake was blabbing to Spencer about how Lauren feels. Secondly, she says she wants to spend some time with Lauren but invites Spencer to the club. Here’s where she really goofs up. She brings the flowers home and tells Lauren there for her from Spencer in hopes to make amends. So now the only sincerity that Lauren thinks Spencer has, is gone out the window when Heidi admits it was only a joke. By the way classy comment made by Spencer about breaking the bank for the roses. What a jerk!

After the yelling match in the kitchen Heidi’s packs her bags and leaves but I have a feeling Lauren will bite her tongue from now on just to have Heidi back in the picture. It’s the only way the friendship will survive and as Lauren predicted, she’ll be there when Spencer screws her over.

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