Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End Trailer Description

Credit: Aintitcool

The people over at AICN were at the ShoWest Motion Picture Convention this past weekend and happened to catch a glimpse of the final chapter in the Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer was one of the featured guests at the convention to present the footage from Pirates 3. Bruckheimer told the crowd that the first two films were merely snacks for the full course meal known as At World’s End. After speaking for a while, the trailer was shown:

It begins much like the last film’s trailer with the creepy little girl singing Yo-Ho Yo-Ho a Pirate’s Life For Me and then we see footage from the end of DEAD MAN’S CHEST, namely Barbossa’s reintroduction and the set-up for third film.

The new footage begins with a wreck of a ship sailing through icy waters. The design is very asian-influenced and on board we see Barbossa, ice in his mustache and beard.

The next shot is of that ship heading towards a huge waterfall as Naomi Harris, the voodoo lady, narrates again about goin’ “to dee ends ub dee urff “

We don’t see how Captain Jack is rescued or saved, but our first look at Depp is onboard a ship, looking around at all the familiar faces from his previous crew and Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom.

Sparrow says, “Did no one save me just because they missed me?” And everybody kind of looks around guiltily, then the zombie monkey raises his hand.

The main thrust of the trailer was to set up the goal of Lord Beckett to wipe out all pirates, so that his greedy and corrupt corporation can have complete control of the seas and that all the pirates have to band together to stop him. There are four groups, each from a different corner of the world, including a glimpse of Chow Yun Fat.

Then the big stuff hit, epic shots of fleets of pirate ships engaging an enemy, cannonballs ripping wood.

I was a little worried that we didn’t see any Davy Jones in the trailer, hoping they didn’t just kind of throw his character and arc to the side, but then I caught a glimpse of him in a quick cut, Sparrow smacking him upside the head.

The camera circles around Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones as they duel. The kicker is they are up in the rigging of one of the ships, standing face to face on the mast probably the Black Pearl, but I didn’t get a close enough look. I was more drawn to the fast and furious sword play. Looked great, like the best parts of the PHANTOM MENACE lightsaber duel with Maul and Obi-Wan. Maybe not as fancy, but definitely as furious.

The trailer ended with Jack Sparrow standing beside a cannon, holding a flame to the fuse as someone says, “Are you mad?” He replies, “If I wasn’t then this probably wouldn’t work,” and ignites the fuse, firing the cannon, which somehow releases a rigging somewhere and the rope Sparrow was holding yanks him up and off the deck of the ship.

Bruckheimer then went on to say that a big event would be going on to release the trailer in 25 cities on March 19. I would assume that it would make it’s way online shortly after.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End opens in theatres on May 25.

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