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Welcome to YOUR 5th Week Event! No preamble today, just the good stuff!

Chuck grabs a nifty, underused element of the Marvel Universe for his tale:

Since I missed the ‘Create Your Own Line’ thing, I really want to participate in this one. So, without further ado, here’s my Fifth Week Event, Marvel’s Martian Invasion!

Martian Invasion! Prologue
W: Darwyn Cooke A: Darwyn Cooke
Set in Earth-691, Martian Invasion! Prologue tells the last Killraven story, one that will send shudders through the Marvel Universe! Desperately seeking some way to scour the Earth of his oppressors, Killraven makes his way to the shattered remnants of the Baxter Building. After much tribulation and gnashing of teeth, the intrepid Killraven fights his way to the basement to discover Reed Richards’ lab. With the Martians at the door, Killraven tears through the room looking for something even vaguely weaponlike. Grabbing a shoulder mounted device, Killraven aims at the door, turns the power knob to 616 and pulls the trigger. A portal opens, sucking the Martians at the door and Killraven through it and into Marvel-616 Manhatten. The last panel has Killraven throwing his head back and screaming, “Noooooooooooooooooooo!” in the Times Square.

Marvel Invasion! Spider-Man
W: Robert Kirkman A: Cory Walker
Spider-Man takes on impossible odds in New York City? Classic! Stir in the team behind Invincible, Martians, and a tongue in cheek tone, and you have a super fun book. Without Killraven, who is lost in New York, Spider-Man throws everything at the Martian Invasion! and comes up short. The book ends with Spidey backed into preparing for a final offensive against the Martians.

Marvel Invasion! Daredevil
W: Mike Mignola A: Mike Mignola
Who knows more about devils than Mike Mignola? Upon finding the lost and confused Killraven in Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil swings into action to take care of the alien threat only to discover that it might be more than he can handle. Big scene? Try Daredevil, Killraven, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist fighting Martians at the Coney Island boardwalk. That’s a killer fight scene.

Marvel Invasion! Fantastic Four
W: Peter Milligan A: Mike Allred
My favorite artist drawing my favorite characters? I’ll take that, please. A nice, simple FF book: Reed tries to understand the threat, Johnny and Ben quibble, and Sue starts wrecking the monsters from another universe. Reed realizes they all seem to eminate from the same place and the Four try to make their way to the epicenter.

Marvel Invasion! Epilogue
W & A: Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn
Where do we go from here? The Epilogue blows it all out! Spidey gets the assist from some unlikely allies, the Power Pack! Daredevil’s assemblage get a boost in power when Hercules shows up! The Fantastic Four discover that the portal is one of Reed’s inventions from another universe!

Well, that’s my fifth week. It combines my favorite mainstream Marvel characters with some of my favorite oddities and obscurities.

Quite nice, Chuck! I was a big Killraven fan once. I almost forgot about him! For those who remember when Marvel used to produce the large format original graphic novels, Killraven was one of the best. P. Craig Russell art, if I recall correctly. I know he drew Killraven at some point at least. Starlord was cool too, and would make an interesting cameo somewhere in here! My favorit of your set is the Daredevil issue, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise if you’ve read my columns for very long. The Mignola does no wrong, and just picturing Daredevil, Killraven, Luke Cage and Iron Fist standing shoulder to shoulder as the Martians march down the street makes me smile.

Paul puts the Marvel Mutants to the test:

MUTANT NATION- an 8 Part Marvel Comics Event!

In a flash, everything can change.

Everyone knew the events of House Of M would prove to be temporary. Even now, powerful forces (i.e. lame plot devices) have led to key mutants regaining their powers. Will it really be that long before another Genosha, millions strong, rises on our world stage? Will there ever be peace between human and mutant, as long as they remain so fundamentally different?

The answer is no. Because in a flash, everything HAS changed…

Mutant Nation #X by Mark Millar (w) and Ed Benes (a)
For as long as anyone can remember, mutants have ruled the planet: ever since the devastating X-Virus claimed 99 percent of the human population. But what are the origins of said virus, and why have mutant leaders not even bothered to find or punish a culprit? Steve Rogers leads the remaining homo sapiens, who are treated as second class citizens by homo superior, in a neverending battle for acceptance. Plus Spider-Man dies. Horribly.

Captain America #X by Peter David (w) and Steve Skroce (a)
When diplomacy doesn’t work, former U.S. president Steve Rogers dons the shield and cowl as public enemy number one- Captain America! But when startling new facts surface about the X-Virus that killed his family, he must decide how to use this info- for good… or for revenge!

Fantastic Four #X by Chris Claremont (w) and Jim Lee (a)
Captain America. Punisher. War Machine. Venom. In honor of the long-dead team of the same name, these so-called ‘terrorists’ are humankind’s last great heroes! Together they must find geneticist Kavita Rao, a woman who may hold the key to unraveling the X-Virus. But little do they know she’s being held by the government’s top human containment agency…

X-Force #X by Rob Liefeld (w) and Ed McGuinness (a)
Wolverine. Sabretooth. Deadpool. Warpath. Reignfire. Domino. Led by S.H.I.E.L.D liason Kitty Pride, their job is to protect the secret of the world’s human genocide. But when the terrorists led by Captain America invade their base beneath New York City, it can only mean one thing… war!

Punisher #X by Kevin Smith (w) and Marc Silvestri (a)
After the altercation with X-Force, the remaining members of Cap’s team must split up. Punisher’s mission is to protect Rao as she seeks to find a cure for the virus that is killing their race… but are his intentions pure? Could he just as easily convince her to turn the virus into a weapon AGAINST mutantkind? And can he alone stop the onslaught of General Cable?

Daredevil #X by Paul Dini (w) and Simone Bianchi (a)
Take a trip to the dark side as the Man Without Fear confronts Hell’s Kitchen’s most notorious mobsters… the Hellfire Club (including the unlikely team of Emma Frost, Peter Rasputin, WildCard (we know him as Gambit), Bullseye, Psylocke, and Abomination)! Can even the last minute intervention of Venom and War Machine be enough to save him from his own recklessness?

Wolverine #X by Jeph Loeb (w) and Steve Epting (a)
With Emma Frost’s power over Earth’s leaders broken and Rao’s neutralization of the X-Virus complete, it’s now up to Captain America to march the White House in the hopes President Franklin Richards (long story) will listen to his plea for humanity. But Agent Logan, the lone mutant survivor of the NYC incident, has other ideas…

Mutant Earth #X by Brian Michael Bendis (w) and George Perez (a)
The president has been stabbed. The X-Virus has been eliminated. And forces on both sides have descended on the nation’s capital for one final battle for America, and, in turn, earth itself. Not everyone will survive…. and in the final moments, the president shall rise. Because Franklin Richards was carrying a secret- a foe long thought dead is now in control of the most powerful mutant alive, and this and ALL realities are at his mercy!

(SPOILER ALERT! It’s Stryfe.)

Wow! That’s bigtime, world-changing stuff. I wonder, Paul, if this is an alternate reality story such as Earth X/Universe X/Paradise X or if you envisioned it as a reboot of the mainstream universe? Either way it’s very well thought out and repositions the mutants as the major players once again. My favorite parts: “Plus Spider-man dies. Horribly.” No teaser, almost an afterthought, and blunt as Hell. Hilarious! Your Hellfire Club has an outstanding lineup. I always enjoyed the Hellfire Club, and rather hope if the X-Franchise starts up again in the movies they utilize the Club as a way to spotlight the villains. And bonus points for pulling Reignfire out of nowhere! I had to google him to remember what he looked like — I totally forgot he was Sunspot! Those points will help offset the use of Stryfe…oh wait, you brought back Steve Skroce too, so you’re still in the bonus!

Finally, Michael handles the Main Event with the DC heroes:

I love fifth week events, always have. Coming up with an original one was somewhat hard but I decided to focus on one I think might be pretty good for a major event like this. Frankly, I’m surprised DC hasn’t done it yet.

The Justice Society of America. The world’s first superteam, still going strong and fighting for what is right with a mix of old-fashioned values and modern-day skills.

The Legion of Super-Heroes. In the 31st century, they fight for the youth of the galaxy, often the only line of defense from the threats facing Earth.

Separated by the vast distance of time, they have never met. Until now, when a common foe brings them together. The dark Wizard Mordu, who helped the JSA re-form, is contacted by his own future self. These two versions conceive a plot to take over past and future and create their own dark world.

The collision of time will send members of the JSA into the future while Legion members are thrust into the past. The meetings and teamings will be needed to fight the dark path of Mordu, who has found a partner to match his own evil vision. But the wide gap of technology and history may be a greater challenge that each team must overcome.

JSA/Legion #1 by Mark Waid & Geoff Johns (w) and Phil Jiminez (art):
The plot by the two Mordus begins as time is twisted in each direction. Legionnaires must adjust to a past that seems ridiculously backward yet also charming while the JSA find themselves in a future that has long forgotten not only them but what they fight for. But the dual threats in past and future will cause them to fight on, no matter what.

Mr. Terrific/Brainac #1 by Mark Waid (w) & Don Kramer (a):
The JSA’s technical genius thinks it’s a boon to have a scientist from the future aiding
him. However, Brainiac’s assertions he’s working with a “caveman” and is stuck in
a time so backward hurt their attempts to find the truth of the attacks.

Lone Wolf/Wildcat #1 by Geoff Johns (w) & Joe Bennett (a):
In a future where boxing is outlawed, Wildcat finds a kindred spirit in the Legion’s quick-tempered member. These two brawlers soon find themselves in a fight that’s even greater than they expect.

Star Boy & Sun Boy/Stargirl & Cyclone #1 by Adam Beechan (w) & Damion
Scott (a) :
The young teen members of the JSA take it upon themselves to show the Legion Boys how cool the 21st century can be. But an attack by the Injustice Society may force them to grow up fast.

Power Girl/Supergirl & Mon-El #1 by Jeff Loeb (w) & Amanda Connor (a):
At last, the meeting of the two Kryptonians, who discuss what it means to bear the weight of the Superman legacy. Mon-El also realizes the depth of their beliefs as all face a raving beast in the future Metropolis.

Commander Steel & Damage/Colossal Boy & Ultra Boy #1 by Geoff Johns (w) &
Chris Batista (a):
Having always felt awkward with his powers, Steel finds that “Micro Lad” feels the same way. Meanwhile, Damage learns from Ultra Boy the problems of containing his own range. Showing the size-changing hero and the tough fighter the modern-day world lets Steel and Damage get in touch with their own insecurities…which of course makes it the perfect time for Solomon Grundy to attack!

Liberty Belle & Hourman/Phantom Girl & Karate Kid #1 by Mark Waid (w) &
Jack Jadson (a):
In the future, the JSA’s married couple teams with the Legion’s star-crossed pair to investigate a world held under Mordu’s rule. The relationship of the past heroes may throw some tension onto their future counterparts.

Sand/Chameleon #1 by Joe Robinson (w) & Tony Harris (a):
Finding himself in a past even more chaotic than the world he knows, Chameleon finds
himself paired with the JSA chairman. Soon both realize that neither of them is truly human, which may help them bond even as they try to escape the twisted games of the villainess Roulette.

Flash & Green Lantern/Cosmic Boy & Lightning Lad by Geoff Johns & Mark
Waid (w) & Scott Kollins (a): The elder leaders of both teams unite to find the cause of the breaches in time. But the veteran heroes soon realize the inherent mistrust the Legionnaires have, a mistrust that can shatter the teaming.

Legion/JSA #2 by Mark Waid and Geoff Johns (w) & Phil Jiminez (a):
The final battle takes place as the two teams unite in the future for the final showdown with Mordu. But with the powers of all magic in his time now in his full possession, can even this force stop him from rewriting history?

Hope you like, keep up the great work.

Thanks Michael! A 10-part tale featuring two large teams across time, you’re right, that is tough assignment. For the life of me I couldn’t come up with a good DC series myself. I especially like the match-ups of Mr. Terrific/Brainac, Flash & Green Lantern/Cosmic Boy & Lightning Lad, and Sand/Chameleon, and my favorite creative team is Jeff Loeb (w) & Amanda Connor (a) on Power Girl/Supergirl & Mon-El. Amanda, in my opinion is vastly underrated and she draws the best Power Girl out there.

I’ve worked 5 days worth of hours in the last 3 days, and if I can shake this cold I feel coming on, I’ll enjoy being off for the next 6 days. Happiness is not working–or at least not working with idiots! More new stuff next week, I just haven’t figured out what yet! Oh well, here’s one for the road, so to speak:

Welcome To My Nightmare