Smackdown Spoilers for March 16, 2007

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This Friday’s Smackdown was taped prior to ECW last night in Trenton, NJ:

– In a dark match, Henry Godwinn & Cousin Cletus (or Cousin Ray, played by Ray Gordy) beat Deuce & Domino

– Smackdown opened with MizTV. Miz interviewed Batista, at one point having the lights go out to tease an Undertaker appearance. The segment ended with Batista giving Miz a powerbomb.

– Match 1: Matt Hardy beat Ken Kennedy in a 20-minute match, clean with a Twist of Fate. Afterwards, backstage, Kennedy says the loss doesn’t matter ’cause he’s going to win the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania.

– Match 2: Montel Vontavious Porter beat El Gran Latte (masked jobber from “Honduras”), and then challenged Benoit, with the request granted by GM Teddy Long. The two Wrestlemania opponents brawled, with Benoit coming out on top for now.

– Backstage, King Booker and Fit Finlay argued about the Money in the Bank match, while Hornswoggle harassed Sharmell.

– Match 3: The Undertaker beat Booker by DQ in a 15-minute match with Batista on commentary. Taker was about to win the match when Finlay interfered and he and Booker beat Taker down with Batista looking on. Taker came back and threw Finlay into Batista and then they stared each other down.

– Match 4: MNM & Melina beat Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Ashley with the snapshot on London.

– Next was some bad singing from Jillian, but it wasn’t to mock Brooke Hogan.

– Match 5: Kane and Daivari went to a no contest as Kane used his See No Evil hook to drag Daivari out of the building.

– ECW then taped, with a lot of fans leaving before ECW started. Personally I don’t understand why they don’t just always tape ECW pre-Smackdown. It will be live on the West Coast, on tape delay on the East Coast, and everyone will be happy, with ECW always in front of a hot crowd.

– After ECW, The Undertaker & Kane beat MVP & Kennedy in a ten-minute dark match.

Credit:, Pro Wrestling Insider

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