The Pit Report: “The IFL is backed by two f***ing idiots…”

MMA veteran Wes “The Project” Sims is not happy with the IFL and the exploitive tactics they used on the series premiere of Battleground this past Monday.

The 6′ 10″ heavyweight appeared on’s forums yesterday with a series of messages aimed at the IFL. The following is an uncensored recap of Sims’ rantings.


If you attempt to fight for the IFL and in the process you die, the IFL will tell everybody.

Hey Kurt Otto, when I see you in person I will personally show you what death really means and what its like to experience it.

This one will be free compliments of “The Whole Show”.

Hope to see you soon buddy!


It is survey time, who do I power bomb first Garub or Kurt?


I might also add my family not knowing I was still alive was shocked to hear my voice this morning.

They are still returning phone calls to all of the “A” list fighters that have gathered together in order to throw a chairity show for me.

Frank Mir thank you for calling my dad telling him what a great guy I was and that I actually won both of the fights.


RIP Wes Sims

I will never forget the time Wes passed on all of that money to fight Bas Rutten in order to fight for free for the Ryan Bennet Chairity show.

It surprised me how much he hated it when people brought it up….

We love you Wes…



The IFL is a HUGE company backed by two f*cking idiots with money.

On their show they concluded that I was dead, I am calling my manager tomorrow to look at the contract for a life insurance policy.

If I f*cking died I want my f*cking money!


Sims is known for being an asshole most of the time, but I have to admit that this shit is funny. Particularly the dig on Mir. He also raises a good point about the charity show for Bennett. The two were good friends, and Sims showed he can be a class act.

To view the fight in question, in its entirety, check out the video below. To see the hatchet job they did on Battleground, MyNetworkTV will be airing an encore presentation of the show this Saturday at 9pm EST.


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