Deep South Wrestling TV Report for March 11, 2007

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Deep South Wrestling TV Report
Airing March 11, 2007 on CSS
Taped on March 1, 2007 at the Deep South Arena in McDonough, Ga

Nigel Sherrod recapped last week’s results while brief highlight clips rolled. The big news was Bradley Jay defeating Vito to become the first two-time Deep South Heavyweight Champion. Eric Perez beat Afa with the help of distraction by Freakin Deacon and G-Rilla. Sherrod said they would meet in a no DQ match tonight.

Cut to the weekly state of DSW speech by GM Krissy Vaine. Great dress. Vaine ordered ring announcer Ted Guinness to spread the ropes for her. Vaine hadn’t uttered more than a few syllables when Angel Williams entered the ring to straighten some things out. Williams ordered her out of the ring. Williams said she wasn’t leaving. Vaine called the Divas out to escort Williams to the back. Out came Nattie Neidhart, Shantelle, Brooke Adams and Luscious, but they made no move towards Williams. Vaine threatened to fire the whole lot of them. Neidhart said she was “a third generation Diva” under contract to WWE. Shantelle and Adams followed suit by mentioning their contracts, so Vaine couldn’t touch them either. Vaine zeroed in on Luscious and her lack of a development deal. Vaine growled out her best VKM by way of North Carolina version of “YOU’RE FIRED.” Luscious said Vaine could fire her from the office assistant job and do the scut work herself. Luscious pointed out that she was contracted to train at DSW under Jody Hamilton, so Vaine would have to go through him to get rid of her. Sherrod said the system of checks and balances was coming into play. Vaine stormed out of the ring in a fit of rage and threatened dire consequences for the Divas.

(1) Robert Anthony & Johnny Curtis beat Keith Walker & Frankie Coverdale in 4:44. Sherrod mentioned that Frankie was a throwback. “Way back. I don’t think anybody’s gonna catch it,” said G-Rilla. As Anthony and Curtis worked on the arm of Coverdale, Sherrod shifted the focus to Walker’s lethal potential. Coverdale sent Curtis into the ropes and tagged out. Walker knocked Curtis down with a hard whip into the buckles. Walker hit a missile-like shoulder block that was a helluva thing for a guy 290. Curtis started to fire up, and Walker cut him off with a capture suplex. Coverdale took a painful tag from Walker. Coverdale applied an abdominal stretch and extended his free hand towards Walker, who took his sweet time about helping out. Ref Wes Adams caught them. Curtis escaped from Coverdale’s clutches and made the tag. With Coverdale running the ropes, Anthony did a backflip as Coverdale passed underneath and then nailed him with a standing dropkick for a near fall. For the finish, Anthony elevated Coverdale and Curtis did a flying bodypress off the top.

Postmatch, Walker annihilated Anthony and Curtis with a pair of great looking spears. Sherrod said the man had snapped. Walker made mean faces at the camera. “He’s not even checking on his partner. They’re definitely not friends,” said G-Rilla.

Vaine was featured in an ad plugging the Six Flags show on 3/17. She announced the card as Fit Finlay & William Regal & Dave Taylor vs. Vito & Brett Majors & Brian Majors, O’Reilly vs. Jay for the heavyweight title, Team Elite vs. Deacon & G-Rilla and Angel Williams vs. Shantelle. Autograph session at 4pm. Belltime 5pm.

Afa dissed Perez for having a smaller penis. Nah, I’m reading too much into it. He said Perez’s island was small. Afa said on The Big Island when thing don’t go right, you come back. But when you come back, there are no rules. Afa let out a Samoan battle cry.

Adams asked Perez about getting even with Afa. Perez said he didn’t want to get even. He just wanted a little revenge. Perez said Siaki wouldn’t be there, but if he was, the outcome would be the same.

“The fact of the matter is the Puerto Rican Nightmare trusts no one and fears nothing. And tonight, Afa, no DQ? Tonight, Afa, you will get mugged.”

(2) Perez pinned Afa Jr. in a no DQ match at 6:10. Perez sprinted into the ring and ate a kick in the face as he slid in. Afa pounded on Perez. Perez beat on Afa and staggered him with a corner clothesline. But Afa used the Perez’s aggressiveness to his advantage and followed up with a clothesline over the top rope. Perez appeared to be in great pain as he lay sprawled out at ringside. Afa added to the misery with a frogsplash off the apron, the impact of which was obscured by the Six Flags logo. Afa wasn’t feeling to hot either after that. Afa dished out a ringside beating with no comeback from Perez. Afa tossed Perez into the steps and gave him a bodyslam on the ringside mats. G-Rilla compared the level of padding to a placement on a dinner table. Afa sat Perez up against the ringsteps, let out a war cry, and charged. Perez ducked and Afa took a tumble over the steps. Cut to a shot of Afa clutching his leg. Perez bounced Afa’s head off the ringsteps. Perez got back inside the ring and pulled the straps down. Perez landed three left jabs before putting Afa on the canvas with a discus punch. Perez used a senton backsplash but failed to hook the leg. G-Rilla said he would never get Afa with a lazy cover. Perez did a standing dropkick to the chest and hooked the leg, but Afa rolled a shoulder at two. Afa ducked a wild lariat and hit his finisher, a Blue Thunder Bomb, but pulled Perez up for more at the count of two. Afa found a chair conveniently located under the ring. He wedged the chair and tried to whip Perez into it. Perez reversed. Afa took full speed headfirst shot into the chair for a monster pop. Perez hit a bridging german suplex for the 1-2-3. G-Rilla said Afa had been blinded by his pride.

Cut to a conversation between Vaine and Williams in the swank office of DSW. Vaine said she didn’t want to lose Angel’s friendship. She said their relationship soured when she was appointed as GM. Vaine admitted that she could get a little heavy handed with her use of authority. “A little?” said Angel. Krissy Vaine pleaded with Angel not to make this any harder than it already was, being that she had a hard time admitting any wrongdoing. Williams told her to get to the point. Vaine offered to not only bury the hatchet, but to cut Williams in 50/50 on her powers as GM. “We would make a good team.” Williams said she wanted to think it over.

(3) Derrick Neikirk beat Brett Majors in 8:18. Mike Knox and Brian Majors were barred from ringside (which made perfect sense since both seconds interfered last week). Neikirk went after Brett’s arm. Brett scored a quick one count, while displaying the telltale signs of arm problems. Neikirk got right back on the arm. Niekirk chopped Brett on the break. Brett spun Neikirk into the corner and gave him a taste of right hand. Brett connected with a dropkick. Neikirk went to the outside for a TO with Brett hot on his tail. Neikirk tried to whip Brett into the ringsteps (same as he did to Brian the week before). Brett springboarded off the step for a rolling senton, but it ended up as a weird flying headbutt to Neikirk’s stomach. They both sold the effects. Back inside the ring, Niekirk softened Brett up, and got down to serious business on that arm. Sherrod likened Neikirk to a shark with blood in the water. At 6:30, Brett reversed a whip, sending Niekirk’s shoulder into the post. Brett fired up. Brett hit a flapjack and went for a running bulldog, but Neikirk threw him off. Neikirk hit a snap powerslam for a near fall. Brett countered Neikirk’s swinging neckbreaker attempt with a small package. Majors hit a somersault neckbreaker off the middle rope (a one man version of the Majors’ finisher). Niekirk rolled a shoulder right at the three count. G-Rilla said Neikirk’s margin was thinner than a credit card. Neikirk went for a superkick. Brett ducked and hit a sunset flip, but Neikirk rolled through and flipped into a jackknife pin for the three count. G-Rilla said the outcome was decided by experience.

Luscious tried to get a word from Ryan O’Reilly. He said he was going to do all his talking in the ring.

We saw O’Reilly’s ring entrance. The crowd popped strong for it. He looked confident. O’Reilly did his menacing grin for the hard camera.

Adams grabbed Jay as he was getting ready to go through the curtain. She brought up O’Reilly’s two non-title wins over Jay. The nerve of her. Jay said there was a time for talk, and a time for action, and the talking was over.

(4) “Rough House” O’Reilly pinned Bradley Jay to become a two-time DSW Heavyweight Champion in 10:10. O’Reilly paused at the opening bell to stare Jay down before locking up. Nice. In the opening minutes, it was O’Reilly stalking his prey and maneuvering Jay into pinning predicaments. After a close call on a backslide, Jay took a walk. “He’s a wily veteran. You don’t get to be a two-time champion just by showing up,” said G-Rilla. The action moved to the mat, with neither man able to gain a clear advantage. The big momentum shift came when Jay gave O’Reilly an overhead suplex into the turnbuckles. O’Reilly was left folded up and motionless in the corner. Ref John Cone tried to keep Jay back. G-Rilla said O’Reilly was out. Sherrod said it might be a broken neck. Jay put the boots to O’Reilly. Jay hauled O’Reilly limp body to the middle and made the cover. O’Reilly made the miraculous kick out. Sherrod said that staying in the match was bad for O’Reilly’s health. The crowd got behind O’Reilly, who showed signs of life. Jay dragged O’Reilly down by the trunks to snuff out any chance of a comeback. Jay kept O’Reilly grounded with a rear chinlock. Jay hammered O’Reilly’s chest with a series of elbow strikes for a near fall. Jay laced him with crossface forearms, and O’Reilly kicked out a tight cradle. O’Reilly broke free from Jay’s death grip. They exchanged punches and kicks in the middle of the ring. O’Reilly scored knockdowns with a back elbow and a stiff lariat. O’Reilly hit a Mike Taylor style leg lariat for a long two count. O’Reilly signaled for the Rough Shot, but Jay countered with a bridging northern lights suplex for a near fall. Jay tried for the Second City Slam, and Jay shook loose for a sunset flip. 1-2-3. New champion. Big pop and a lengthy shot of Jay with the belt to close the show.

The Inside Pulse
This was a good show if you like to watch a lot of wrestling and a little talking instead of the other way around. Checks and balances on power in a pro wrestling company? What a concept. The logic in DSW storylines is pretty stellar these days. The Williams/Vaine saga is a gem. Their segments on this show represented their best work together thus far, particularly the office vignette. Vaine has toned down her accent to a more believable level, thank God. O’Reilly’s victory was the culmination of a long title chase. I assume that Vito’s short title reign was inserted into the mix when he was sent down for repackaging. The “we’re going to let our fist do the talking” approach was a refreshing change from the usual prematch promos. O’Reilly sold the turnbuckle shot like his life depended on it. The title match and Neikirk/Majors were both good, basic wrestling matches. Niekirk’s work on the arm was first rate. Unfortunately. the finish wasn’t up to the level of the rest of the match. Niekirk is to DSW what Doug Basham was to OVW once upon a time, when that was a strong wrestling show. Afa and Perez had an intense brawl. Perez was tremendous with his selling again this week. Perez is mixing both Spanish and English into his promos like Estrada. I have to think that now, more than ever, being fluent in both languages enhances his chances of making it to the main roster. The opening match accomplished the goal of spotlighting Walker’s badass character. I enjoyed the combination of Sherrod and G-Rilla on commentary, although complete silence would have been an improvement on last week. G-Rilla busted out some clever lines. He needs to add a ton of polish, but he was loose, easy on the ears and did a fine job of getting across the grueling physical punishment of pro wrestling. This week’s dark matches: Williams beat Adams, Kofi Nahaje Kingston beat Ace Steel, Keith Walker beat Ray Gordy, Deacon & G-Rilla squashed Bobby Hopkins & Brian Cage, Heath Miller beat Shawn Osborne.