Live Blogging: The NCAA Tournament Day Two

And our day kicks off with my Homer/Sleeper upset pick, SUNY Albany meeting up with UVA. As I’m throwing up an o-fer on upset picks, let’s hope this one comes through.

They’re starting off down 6-0. Got a good sign.


Albany down by 11 as UNLV(7) kicks off against Georgia Tech(10). This could actually turn out to be a really good game. North Texas(15) vs Memphis(2) kicks off shortly.


I live in New York and they cut to Memphis vs North Texas. Good sign for Albany.


Albany’s down by 20 at the half, officially making me the kiss of death for upsets. More interestingly, North Texas(15) is currently tied with Memphis(2). Less interesting because it’s still the first half.


And my record of jinxing continues as Memphis proceeds to go on a 9-point run as soon as I mention it.


Memphis is up on Texas by 10, UVA is up on Albany by 30, and UNLV and Georgia Tech are tied. Somehow, CBS is still showing Memphis. I hate sports.


Today is starting off much like yesterday with favorites beating up on underdogs. My homer/upset special pick Albany got knocked off by Virginia by a whopping 30. UNLV gets their first tournament win in years over Georgia Tech. Memphis took out North Texas by 25 after I pointed out that the game was tied.

In 2:30 action, another widely picked upset Winthrop(11) is taking on Notre Dame(6) which, unless it turns into a blowout, will be the game I watch. Also starting is Long Beach State(12) vs Tennessee(5) and Bogus A&M(15) vs Wisconsin(2).


At the risk of jinxing them, Corpus Christi [Bogus] A&M has gone up 10-0 over 2-seeded Wisconsin to kick off the game. Winthrop is also giving the Irish all they can handle.

Maybe today might turn out to be interesting after all…


Creighton(10) vs Nevada(7) kicks off. Winthrop and A&M have built almost 20 point leads, each, over their respective opponents. The 2:00 hour could turn into a favorite’s graveyard. Maybe it can be like that one court at Wimbledon where favorites always lose.


I find myself wondering how a school located in Texas is named “The Islanders”. And also wondering how many 15 seeds have beaten 2-seeds in the first round.


Google Maps answers my question.


The Irish have gone on a 10-0 run to close the game to within 10. Winthrop apparently has somewhere to be this weekend.


Awesome ending to the Winthrop/Notre Dame game, which saw Notre dame go on a 20-point run to take the lead, followed by Winthrop waking up to go on a 12-point run to knock Duke off and collect their first ever tournament win. Awesome stuff.


Tennessee has put up 107 against Long Beach State… but also allowed Long Beach State to put up 82. Take the over on Tennessee vs Virginia this weekend.


In what seems to be a developing theme today, Miami Ohio(14) has jumped out to a 9-0 lead over Oregon(3). Corpus Christi vs Wisconsin and Creighton vs Nevada are both within 2-points coming down to the final minutes.


Nevada manages to get TWO offensive rebounds in the closing minute-and-a-half taking the clock down to 36 seconds before taking a timeout. Four second differential on the shot-clock, so Creighton should have a chance to tie.


Nevada thows the ball out of bounds with 19 seconds left, turning it over. Creighton then MISSES the shot to take the lead and Nevada pulls down the rebound and calls timeout with 1.4!


And Creighton/Nevada goes into our first Overtime game of the tournament.


And after all the excitement, no real surprises. Nevada came through in overtime to knock off Creighton, Wisconsin ended up beating Corpus Christi A&M by 13, and Oregon came back from their early deficit and is currently leading Miami Ohio by 6.

So far today, though, some real damage has probably been done to some brackets. Notre Dame’s loss probably hurt quite a few people. Creighton upsetting Nevada was also a popular pick.