March Figures Madness: Day Five Match-ups!

Welcome to Day 5 of March Figures Madness! We are already a week in, with the biggest surprise being Brian Kendricks victory over Chris Benoit…but will his fellow Hooligan follow suit? Here are the results of DAY 4!

  • RAW: 4 Randy Orton defeated 13 Super Crazy
  • SmackDown: 5 King Booker defeated 12 Paul London
  • ECW: 6 CM Punk defeated 11 The Sandman
  • Classic: 7 Yokozuna defeated 10 Sgt. Slaughter

    Well, Booker keeps both Hooliganz out of the 2nd round, and all the top seeds move on. Here are the match-ups for Day 5:

  • RAW: 5 Ric Flair vs. 12 Kenny Dykstra
  • SmackDown: 6 Mr. Kennedy vs. 11 William Regal
  • ECW: 7 Terry Funk vs. 10 Elijah Burke
  • Classic: 8 Kurt Angle vs. 9 Brock Lesnar

    This will be one of the closest yet, with 3 match-ups that can go either way! Be sure you go VOTE NOW!!!