5oz of Fury: Ultimate Fighter Six Speculation

As the good Reverend has reported, the UFC is starting to take applications for season six of the Ultimate Fighter. This time the featured weight class will be welterweights, and since we still have a few weeks before TUF5 starts, I want to throw a few ideas out there for potential season six coaches:

Georges St. Pierre/Matt Hughes
This one is a no brainer. They’re the #1 and #2 welterweights. They’re both former TUF coaches. More importantly, the coaches fight at the end of the season and you already know there’s going to be a GSP/Hughes 3 at some point. I don’t know what the time table is for season six, but if this upcoming TUF will be over in June, TUF6 could start in September with the GSP/Hughes match at the end of the year.

Matt Serra
A few of us had thought that they’d choose Serra as a coach for TUF5 after you saw him become the defacto coach on TUF4. He already has a coaching background, and I think that him already knowing how much winning the contest could mean to your career gives him a unique perspective on the contest, that he could pass on to budding UFC stars.

Diego Sanchez
For all the same reasons as Serra, but also because I think he’s a really arrogant prick (in a good way) and I think he can be real entertaining to watch training other fighters. I can see the UFC easily building him as a welterweight Tito Ortiz.

Tim Sylvia did an interview with the Baltimore Sun, with what I believe are his first comments since his loss to Randy Couture. Well, he didn’t actually comment on the fight (the author was told he wouldn’t prior to the interview), but he did reveal that he had a herniated disc in his back, which was the injury he alluded to in his post-match interview with Joe Rogan. The author asked him aboot the crowd’s reaction to that:

“Randy beat me fair and square. Plain and simple. He was the better man that night. He beat me. So, I shouldn’t have even brought it up.”

I know Sylvia got heat because it sounded like he was making excuses, but I didn’t think he meant it as an excuse. It was just something he blurted out before he thought aboot it. The rest of the interview was a good read. He revealed he suffered abuse as a kid, and commented aboot how Team Miletich went from three titles (if you include Rich Franklin) to no titles.

As a side note, a buddy of mine refers to Sylvia, Hughes, Franklin, and Jens Pulver (another Miletich guy) as the “Four Horseman” of MMA.

There’s a ton of UFC in April, plus a ton more MMA and boxing in the next two months as well. NBC Sports had an article on the four fights they’re most looking forward to.

What fights are you looking forward to?


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