Serial Watcher – Lost – Episode 3-12

After last week focused on just one storyline, this week Lost went back to following two. The first is life on the Lostaways’ beach and the other is the quest to release Jack. Too bad that only one of them was worth watching.

We’ll start with the more boring one. Mommy Claire thinks up a way to get help attaching a note to one of the migrating birds that pass through the island. Charlie won’t help and she thinks he’s just being an a$$, until she finds out that Desmond had a vision of him dying trying to catch one of these birds and then she forgives him and everything’s fine. And while this happens Desmond catches that bird and they manage to attach a note and let it fly.

Sounds like a pretty harmless side story, isn’t it? But the problem here was that story on its own. It’s that it gave us a Clair flashback, where we learn that not only did she go through a “dark” phase (black hair and everything) but she also had a father, despite her mom hiding the truth from her. And who’s this father? None other that the lovely Dr. Christian Shephard, Jack’s father. I wanna see a show of Hands – who was shocked by this? Now go sit in the corner and think about how gullible/naïve/infantile you are.

It’s just another one of those stupid tricks by the writers to show us that everyone’s connected off the island. Just like Hurly and Libby were in the same mental institute together. It’s one thing to see them interacting at the airport before flight 815 took off, but to start playing a game of “Six Degrees” between the characters on those levels is just ridiculous. I realize there’s now way to watch a show like Lost without a healthy dose of “suspension of disbelief” but this really takes things to another level. Please stop it. And to continue a recent trend, please stop the flashbacks also.

And then there’s the other storyline, one that actually works – Kate, Sayid and Locke on their quest to free Jack. Sure, they have Danielle and Mikhail with them, but it’s all about the original trio. Especially since Mikhail doesn’t last long, as Locke sacrifices him to test The others’ defense mechanism which they stumble into (A series of tall pillars that create a force field). Turns out this is a very powerful system, which causes a near instant and painful death. So bye-bye Mikhail, or Patchy. Seems like we hardly knew you.

But Mikhail didn’t just die. He was on the verge of telling the trio about the list (Not the list from Heroes, but a completely different list). Why some people are on it and others aren’t the trio isn’t on it because they are flawed, weak, angry and frightened. And what does the list mean. And he also said that he knew Locke from before, but we don’t how. We also learn that the electro-magnetic pulse from the implosion of the hatch has caused damage to the “homing beacon” The Others have, so while they can still leave the island, they can’t go back to it like they used to, at least for now. The other thing we learn from Mikhail is that Ben isn’t the mastermind behind the whole operation. There’s someone else who chooses the people who are approached to join the community and runs everything. That unknown person is a magnificent man. Unfortunately Mikhail is interrupted before he can get into details and then dies, so we have some new questions to deal with (And little old me thought that the one small answer we got last week might be the beginning of a trend).

But the biggest surprise came at the end of the episode. The trio (and Danielle) has managed to climb over the defense mechanism and make it to The Others’ village. But before they make a move they see something truly surprising Jack playing football and appearing to have a good time. Is he suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome”? Is he just pretending to fit in while he’s planning an escape? Did he cut some sort of deal with The Others? Is there another option?

Like many other episodes, this episode ended in a mystery. However, the nature of this mystery pretty much guarantees that we’ll get some sort of answer during the next episode that will deal with the quest to save Jack (But that’s not necessarily the next episode of Lost). Therefore, it’s a good kind of mystery. After the past couple of weeks it’s clear that the best thing going right now is the quest to save Jack and the confrontation with The Others. I wanna see more of that and less of the everyday island life. And less flashbacks please.

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