March Figures Madness: Day Six Match-ups!


The first week as come and gone, and now we are in Week 2 of March Figures Madness. We will have the first round wrapped up very shortly. Here are the results from last Friday!

  • RAW: 5 Ric Flair defeated 12 Kenny Dykstra
  • SmackDown: 11 William Regal defeated 6 Mr. Kennedy
  • ECW: 7 Terry Funk defeated 10 Elijah Burke
  • Classic: 8 Kurt Angle defeated 9 Brock Lesnar

    And, today’s match polls are now up!

  • RAW: 6 Carlito vs. 11 Johnny Nitro
  • SmackDown: 7 Matt Hardy vs. 10 Chavo Guerrero
  • ECW: 8 Snitsky vs. 9 Stevie Richards
  • Classic: 1 Hulk Hogan vs. 16 Rey Mysterio

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    If you missed it last week, you can check out the Opening Page of March Figures Madness!

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