Transformers Review: Classic Grimlock

Transformers Classic: Grimlock
Size: Deluxe
MSRP: $9.99
A TF review written exclusively for Inside Pulse by Rikkomba

Welcome back my fellow readers! Or reader, for what I know. Or Good ol’ myself, more likely. Whatever.
Here we go with a review of a big return: the King of Dinobot Island, The Metal Scrap Maker, The Baddest Autobot Badass Ever… Grimlock!


I have to say that this character really deserved to be redone in some way, as iconic as it is. Grimlock has been a rebel, a leader, a badass , a pain in the ass for Optimus Prime, but above everything a real and raw warrior, even if just “badass” probably fits it better.
And don’t forget its Autobot leadership, as seen in US comics!

Grimlock save universe! Muah ho ho. Oh, Grimlock hero!

Grimlock’s beast mode, faithfully to its G1 self, represents a “mechanical T-Rex”: there’s no disguise here, unless you are heavily on strange substances that I really don’t want to know about.
“Dino legs” are well articulated, with 6 joints each; front “Dino paws” are vestigial as they should be, coming with a single ball joint each.
Head and tail are quite detailed, but they don’t deliver that much in terms of poseability: Grimlock can only look up and down and open its jaw, while its long back appendage just swivels to the sides: I think it could have been done better.
There’s some black wash on the main section of “Dino body”, but it seems more dirt than anything else; unluckily, this is in strong contrast with the clean surfaces all around it.
On the “Dino back” there’s a “Dino stand” for Grimlock’s fearful “Dino Gunblade Of Doom”: the reason why they gave to such a badass guy a weapon coming straight from a total wimp, it’s out of my knowledge.

I guess designers just used they usual technique:

TERRANCE-Which weapon should we give Grimlock?

PHILLIP-What about a cool sword, in transparent red plastic, something like its original weapon in G1? Do you remember how much people like RID Scourge with that sword of his?

T-I think you are right, with a sword like that, this toy would be soooooo cool, people would really get a bang for their buck.

P-Great, so let’s…

T-But I have a better idea. Let’s give Grimlock something like a Gunblade. I really liked it in Final Fantasy 8, it’s my favourite game ever, and the only one I ever played in my whole life.

P-Oh, yes, I think that if we add Squall’s coolness to Grimlock’s we will become so sexy and attractive to women’s eyes! Let’s do this!

T-Ahahahah, we’re so cool!

P-Hahahahha, we’re so cool!

In case you were wondering, this is how such things are usually decided (names have been changed to protect their families).

Me Grimlock no bozo, me Grimlock king!

Grimlock’s transformation is quite fresh and involved: I won’t spoil it for you here, but know that if you are looking for a satisfying transformation, you can stop reading and go buy this figure right now. Very well designed, even if several tabs simply don’t do their job well, especially in the shoulders’ section. Even if affected by some QC problems, Grimlock’s new version comes out to be a great homage. Head shape, golden chest and blocky arms immediately recall its G1 version.

Legs are the biggest change, having the “Dino head” as feet. There seems to be a strong contrast between the top half, which is quite blocky and “nostalgic”, and the bottom half, more innovative and rounded. While the final result is quite appealing to the eye, it seems to me that somebody tried to put together 2 different ideas that didn’t merge that smoothly. I am not complaining too much, anyway, after what they did with Energon Grimlock: THAT scared me enough for the rest of my TFan lifetime, really!

Good thing me Grimlock have hard head. Otherwise would now be

This new version of our favourite dinobot leader is far from being perfect, but I give credit to its designers for delivering a fresh and innovative transformation, which in my case makes up for the disaster made a couple of years ago with this same character.

While having some problems, mostly in QC, I think this is a TF worth buying, if only for all the homages it represents: G1 Grimlock, G1 Pretender Grimlock, Final Fantasy 8 Squall’s Gunblade, Final Fantasy 8 Pretender Squall’s Gunblade and so on.

On Elohim’s Energon scale, I give Grimlock 7 out of 10 cubes.

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