Richly Deserved: The Amazing Race: All-Stars Episode 11-5

It wasn’t a dream. We did in fact see Rob and Amber get eliminated last week. And this week, Amber said we haven’t seen the last of them. The other teams were either shocked, thrilled, or both that Romber was gone.

This week, they started at the end of the world in Argentina, Dig a glacier for a clue, head to Mozambique, use a rat as well-trained in finding land mines as a bomb-sniffing dog to find a route marker (the Road Block), and choose a detour between painting nails for money or bagging and carrying 45 pounds of coal to a specific address.

A lot of bunch-up points this week so we’ll concentrate on what separated the teams.

Here’s how they finished.

Believe it or don’t, they win a leg. I AM PUMPED. Take THAT, Charla and Mirna haters!!!!!

Even though they were the last to finish the road block. They travelled well, got guides along the way. Then they do the right road block. They use their nutty charm to get people to pay to get their nails painted. And it earns them their first leg win and a trip to Aruba.

And on top of all that, Mirna really is kinda hot, isn’t she?

Continue to make little mistakes but still manage to stay competitive. Even something as small as forgetting their tools at the glacier can be costly.

However, their decisions to go off on their own while others searched for directions, and the choice of the nail-painting detour, helped them to a second-place finish. Loved how they painted the little girls nails for free. My opinion of them hasn’t gone 180 degrees from TAR 10, but say, 125.

Pretty good leg for these two. They got a quick rat at the road block and also chose the nail-painting detour, which turned out to be the right decision. They are enjoying the race. They’re respecting each other (something that caused a lot of complaints against them in their season), and having a great time.

Second team to finish the road block, they go for the coal detour, which turned out to be the wrong one. However, they do a great job and when they threatened to hug Phil, chasing him from the pit stop mat, they showed they still put having fun high on their priorities for this race. A good leg.

Just beat out Eric and Danielle in a foot race to the pit stop. The Guidos-Eric/Danielle rivalry will only heat up. First after the road block, they also do a good job at the detour but have a bit of trouble getting to the pit top. The perfume-shopping scene was, um, interesting.

Danielle continues to put complete trust in Eric, helping where she has to but not really being a hinderance. The spat with the Guidos was really confusing, not to mention rather silly.

Mid-pack after the road block, they spend a long time looking for directions to the detour. They do the coal bagging o.k. and are just outrun by what Eric called “a bunch of queens”. Nice.

Really liked the fact they were in Africa. They also went for the coal detour but unlike Eric and Danielle who got aid from local children, they were on their own.

But alas, when they arrived at the pit stop, they were informed this was a non-elimination leg (nothing like rubbing it a little more into Rob and Amber, and their fans).

Next week, Danielle snaps. Maybe she has personality to go with those boobs Eric seems to like. Till next week.

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