ECW News Update (Potential Mania Spoiler)

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Vince McMahon doesn’t want to move any big names to the ECW roster but will instead keep adding special guest stars to work with Bobby Lashley, as with Steve Austin recently. The company decided not to feed any top talent to Austin on TV, even for just a Stunner, because his involvement is only temporary and they are trying to build for the future. His promo on ECW was written by Stephanie McMahon.

The plan for the ECW Originals vs. New Breed feud is to end it at WrestleMania with the Originals losing. With the exception of Rob Van Dam, who has yet to decide whether to stay with WWE or not, it’s unlikely any of the Originals will have a TV role left by the summer. Tommy Dreamer might be kept on as talent but if not will likely get his developmental talent relations job back since his replacement, Mike Bucci, has not been making a good impression. Dreamer is also good friends with Shane McMahon, yet Sabu and Sandman have been close to getting fired already. WWE is sour on anybody with an ECW background because, after the brand flopped last year, their justification was that those guys weren’t big enough stars.

The above is connected to WWE moving the now ECW/Raw/Smackdown One Night Stand PPV in June from the Hammerstein Ballroom to Jacksonville. Management feared a massive embarrassment from fans buying tickets to the show as a protest vehicle. Stephanie lobbied for the move and actually said that if Paul Heyman wasn’t with the company he’d somehow get the fans in New York to sabotage the show.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)