Rey Mysterio Wants Mistico


CMLL are still concerned about WWE getting Mistico. They had planned a hair vs. mask match between him and Perro Aguayo Jr for the 30th March to unmask him on but he is apparently staying now. However, they don’t want to put him over their other top draw if he does wind up going later in the year. Those close to Mistico believe he can still get out of his contract, although WWE lost a considerable amount of interest in him because he hadn’t told them about the contract until very late in negotiations. Even if he did become available the earliest he would get to OVW or DSW would be late summer, while it would take even longer to bring him up to the main roster after learning some English and the WWE style. However, some maintain that they should proceed with this now as then he would be ready to go if WWE’s proposed Latin territory happened.

Rey Mysterio called WWE when he learned they weren’t signing Mistico and told them they were crazy not to get him as he reminded Rey of himself at the same stage of his career. John Laurinaitis was surprised by this as he thought Mysterio would feel threatened by having Mistico on the same roster, yet Mysterio was thinking of it as a teacher/student relationship. In any event, Stephanie McMahon felt they should not have another masked superstar and wanted to repackage him without it and under a different name. Needless to say this would have a huge effect on his drawing potential amongst the Hispanic audience.

Rey Mysterio’s return has been brought forward from July to mid-May. He’s been promised a great spot and the company want him back as soon as possible following the huge ratings pop of his recent appearance. They want to position him as one of the ‘eight big stars’ of the company.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)