Missing Links: Benoit, Hardy, a New Diva Rumor-Killer & More



Christine LeMaster is NOT coming to WWE. Well, at least that’s what is says in her MySpace blog:

I hate to dissapoint, but it does not appear to be in my best interests personally and professionally with my current situation. Everybody at WWE has been absolutely wonderful and the organization as a whole is an amazing company which has done nothing but treat me with respect and professionalism. I hope to continue to work with WWE and keep an ongoing relationship with them for the future.

– Speaking of MySpace, this blog entry from Matt Hardy was #1 the day it was posted on all of MySpace.

– Detroit papers have been covering Mania, like, everywhere. Don’t believe me? Then explain these stories on Austin’s movie premiere, Torrie Wilson and Dusty Rhodes to start. Okay, and this story on The Miz. And… this one on RVD.

– There’s a great interview with Chris Benoit on the UK Sun’s Web site where he talks about the new ECW, the old WCW and much more.

– Uh… Khali talks? PROOF!

– Mahoney’s a drunk? NEVER!

– Ashley comments on Melina’s recently inflammatory blog posts here.

– In fact, on a recent edition of MondayNightMayhem, Candice Michelle said Melina IS a problem backstage (right after JR implied she wasn’t), and she’s sick of putting up with her shit on the road. She also said WWE.com wouldn’t post a blog she wrote about Melina because they wanted to focus on the Melina/Ashley feud. Of course then last night on RAW, Candice said all of those things to lead to a match vs. the women’s champ.

– JBL blogs too! Here! What, no Faarooq blog? THAT would be golden. And brief.

– WWE Hall of Famers were profiled in Hall of Fame magazine.

– HHH gives his Wrestlemania 23 predictions here.

– Benoit is in WWE.com’s latest Ringside Reality.

– Luna! Brunai! SMASH! Where are they now?

– Speaking of Brutis Beefcake, “The Barber” talks about the Mania hair vs. hair match here.

– Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat talks Mania 3 here.

– Seriously, someone’s doing a movie on Larry Zbysko.

– Lance Storm is my hero, as he proves with his two latest columns on TheFightNetwork.com. Read his column about being THE MAN and then his thoughts on the rumored expansion of WWE into Latin America, Europe and Asia.

– Trish Stratus isn’t my hero, but… well, anyway, she’s on her way to becoming a reality star with her new show, Second City’s Next Comedy Legend.

– SLAM! Wrestling talks with Ace Steel, one of WWE’s newest developpmental signees.

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