News on Morishima, Leticia, Nash Paying Off TNA Fans & More

TNA are very keen on Jay Lethal’s new Randy Savage gimmick. Before Lethal came out at the last tapings Kevin Nash, who the Impact Zone fans love, came out and said he’d donate $1000 to charity if the fans cheered Lethal. Jeremy Borash then said he’d donate $1000 too. The fans started chanting for Lethal and then they started filming.

Takeshi Morishima will be on every ROH show in April. He has a tag match with Chris Hero against Nigel McGuinness & Doug Williams in Long Island on the 13th, defends the ROH Title against McGuinness in Edison, NJ, on the 14th, faces Austin Aries in St Paul on the 27th, and then Shingo in Chicago on the 28th.

Although most feel Leticia Crane has no talent, TNA producer Jesse Ward is always on people’s case about trying to get her into more segments.

During a recent meeting one member of management read aloud some negative reports on TNA from unknown websites. Jim Cornette asked why they were even listening to the reports and Mike Tenay quipped “Because the New York Times doesn’t cover our PPVs.” Don West got wound up about them and everybody in the room agreed that the negative reports came from people on WWE’s payroll. They also said that negative fan chants came from smart marks trying to take over the show, although why the same fans were also cheering the good matches was not dealt with.

There was a recent Xplosion match of Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt vs. Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley. They worked very fast and sold very little, so Cornette and Konnan talked to them afterwards about using a slower pace. They were told Jeff Jarrett wanted them to work super fast because he wants the X Division to be like a video game, so it feels different. However, when Konnan tried to get Senshi to join LAX but was turned down by management, the reason given was that Senshi worked like an X Division guy and that wasn’t main event style.

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