Red Harvest – A Greater Darkness Review

When the vocalist is diagnosed with having volatile paranoia, things can get interesting. Self-styled “Apocalyptic Industrial Cyber Metal”, Norway’s Red Harvest are neck deep in the Man VS. Machine concept with their latest, A Greater Darkness.

While the album boldly displays the flag typical of industrial metal, there are very strong elements that point towards the melodic melancholy of Neurosis. Examples of this can be heard in the tracks “Hole in Me” and “Distorted Eyes”. On tracks such as “Dead Cities”, what’s also noticeable are some fairly evil progressions that recall thoughts of Darkthrone (which is not too surprising, as Lrz (keyboards/samples) created the intro and outro for their song “Hate Them”).

This isn’t to say that they are all-out industrial metal or another Godflesh band. “Beyond the Limits of Physical Experience” explores a more ambient darkwave sound, though some of the synth sounds used on the track threaten to date the track to the early nineties. “War Themes” breaks out a little drum ‘n’ bass, while “Proprioception” almost leans towards a ‘nuskool’ gabber sound, slowed down to an ethereal quality.

Red Harvest have been a hidden gem of sorts since 1989, despite having a number of critically-acclaimed albums, being nominated for a Norwegian Grammy award, and having toured with Type O Negative, Cradle of Filth, and Mayhem. A Greater Darkness shows their seasoned veteranship.

Website: Red Harvest