Road Rules Week – Wednesday – Introduction

Road Rules is one of the oldest reality TV shows on the air today. It’s the second-longest running show on MTV, behind only The Real World. It debuted before the Reality TV craze of the early 2000’s and laid down the foundation for all future reality shows.

After almost three years off of the air, Road Rules has returned for its 14th season. It premiered back on Tuesday, January 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. This season is quite different from pevious seasons. There is more fan interaction and for the first time viewers can actually vote for who they would like to see on the RV. In addition, cast members of this show get to “blog” their thoughts about the show as the show happens, and hear what fans think of the show so far as well.

This season started off with 6 “veteran” Road Rules cast members. They were Kina from Road Rules: Xtreme, Veronica from Road Rules: Semester at Sea, Abram from Road Rules: South Pacific, Adam from Road Rules: The Quest, Susie from Road Rules: Down Under, and Shane from Road Rules: Campus Crawl. The drama got started early as Veronica and Shane’s friendship became a target for others on the RV. Veronica was the first person to be sent to “The Pit”, which is a competition from one member of the RV and one member of “The Pit Crew”. “The Pit Crew” consisted of all new players to this game. They included David, Ivory, Jerry, Angel, Dan, Tori, Lamonte, Kristen, and Derek. From the start, “The Pit Crew” were trash talking and trying to make a name for themselves to get on the RV.

There were some major rules changes for this season of the Road Rules to start with. The big twist here is “The Pit Crew” as I mentioned earlier. After each mission, the 6 members of the RV nominated a guy and a girl to be eliminated from the RV. The viewers at home then got a chance to go to and vote who they wanted to kick off of the RV. The audience then voted a member of “The Pit Crew” to face the person they picked to be off of the RV. Those two people would battle it out and the winner got to stay on the RV, while the loser got to join “The Pit Crew”.

Read those rules again. They are a little confusing, aren’t they? That, along with the fact that there seemed to be a lot of “forced” drama on the show, caused this season of Road Rules to not get as big of ratings as MTV would have liked. So a few weeks back, they decided to switch things up. They decided to move the show to Wednesday nights at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. That’s right behind The Real World: Denver. They also attempted to change the rules to make things easier on the viewers. Now everyone on the RV would send someone into “The Pit”. The viewers would then simply vote someone from “The Pit Crew” to face them.

We have already seen many fights on the show, including one that sent Abram home from the show for good. We have also seen a little romance between cast members, Dan and Tori. You can’t trust anyone in this game. So I’m sure there will be plenty more action and drama to come before this season is done. Yes, the show is not the same, but it’s one of the originals so that means it can still be a “must-watch” show when everything lines up correctly.

With that in mind, I got the chance to interview various members of the Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge. I spent 15 minutes interviewing such cast members as Angel, Adam, and Veronica to name a few. I got their thoughts on the new season of Road Rules. So all this week, Reality Dish will be presenting you with these exclusive interviews, along with various other “goodness” from Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge. So stay tuned as we kick off Road Rules Week tomorrow with an interview with Angel Turlington…

Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge airs Wednesdays on MTV at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT

For the first time ever, the audience is in control of the game. With a real-time shoot schedule, viewers rule this new season as they call the shots to determine which of the Road Rulers will end up in the Pit Battle elimination round at the end of each episode and who from the Pit Crew will replace the loser. It all happens at where Road Ruler hopefuls can enter to win a chance to become part of the Pit Crew. Fans can also browse Road Ruler blogs, watch online-only previews and find other exclusive Road Rules content.

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