March Figures Madness: Day Eight Match-ups!


Welcome to the last day of the first round in March Figures Madness! First, yesterday’s results, which were not very close at all.

  • RAW: 7 Umaga defeated 10 Great Khali
  • SmackDown: 8 Finlay defeated 9 Gregory Helms
  • ECW: 1 Bobby Lashley defeated 16 Little Guido
  • Classic: 2 The Rock defeated 15 King Kong Bundy

    Now, to finish out the first round, I think we have a couple good match-ups!

  • RAW: 8 Jeff Hardy vs. 9 Shelton Benjamin
  • SmackDown: 1 Batista vs. 16 Daivari
  • ECW: 2 Rob Van Dam vs. 15 Sylvain Greiner
  • Classic: 3 Ultimate Warrior vs. 14 Chris Jericho


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