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Usually this blog for this week’s episode of Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge would be inside of my weekly “MTV Mix” column. However, this week is different. We’re in the middle of a Road Rules Week, so this blog gets its own special spot in the week. Since the roadies and viewers blog their thoughts on each episode, I thought why not give my own thoughts as well. I’m the resident MTV expert around here anyways. So here goes nothing.

We started off this week by looking at “The Pit” competition. Since the roadies lost their second mission last week, both Shane and Angel had to go to “The Pit”. Shane volunteered, while Angel got voted in to her disappointment. The viewers at home then decided to vote in David to face Shane and Susie to face Angel. First, I’m glad that they are giving someone besides Lamonte a shot at “The Pit”. Susie is an okay choice, but I ask again where is Veronica?! Anyways the big twist for this pit challenge is that they have to work as a team. It will be Shane and Angel vs. David and Susie. This should be LOADS of fun since none of them like each other.

Here’s how “The Pit” battle went down. Everyone was attached by a rope in a human chain. The object of this challenge is to work as a team to grab two flags that are opposite each other. David is a beast! Angel is crying about getting hurt. Shane explains that this is a “Pit” battle, you are going to get hurt. In the end, David uses his muscle to simply drag Shane with him as he and Susie grab both flags. So Susie and David are going on the RV!

David is extremely excited to be on the RV. He is an official “Road Ruler” now. He even loses his clothes in all of the excitement as the RV pulls up. Yes, he’s naked! Susie is just as happy to be back on the RV. Meanwhile, Tori and Dan read the blogs from the viewers on The fans want them to kiss and have babies. Dan explains that they like to flirt, but Tori really doesn’t care about him, so he just has to get over it.

Time for the next mission. It’s a marine mission! This is right in Dan’s backyard. He’s a marine, if you have forgotten. This mission has two parts. The first part is called “Avalanche Rescue”, while the second part is called “Survival”. Everything is timed and they have to complete every stage in time to win this mission.

In the first part, they have to use snowshoes to accend down a mountain to rescue a trapped “victim”. They have 8 minutes to do that. They climb up this giant hill with Adam and Dan leading the way. Susie and Tori bring up the rear and Dan appears to be yelling for them to go faster, which makes Tori angry. They eventually make it to the top. They now have 15 minutes to locate the victim by digging him out. They make it just under that time limit. They now have 8 minutes to transport the victim to safety. This time David takes the lead to prove that is worthy to be on this team. They again make it in time. Now it’s time for the second part. This involves 4 members of the team getting into icy frozen water. They actually have to ski into the water and the work their way back out of the water. David, Dan, and Adam all go first and they are successful at getting out of the water. It all comes down to Tori. She’s crying before she goes into the water, which is always good. Lucky for her that Kina and Susie encourage her and help her way through this part of the mission. She is out of the water as well and they win this mission! Not as dramatic as I thought it would be. But I feel the drama coming!

Here is the drama. It goes back to Tori and Dan flirting. Apparently Dan cares about Tori, but Tori doesn’t care about him but still flirts with him. Dan does make a good point. He says that all girls don’t want the “nice guy”. He says this because he has been burned by more than one girl. Susie says that he shouldn’t say all girls are the same. I have to agree with Dan there, though. Dan and Tori finally go outside of the RV and settle their issues. Tori didn’t like the fact that Dan was looking at her when he was saying every negative thing about women. She knows that have issues and that’s why they are yelling them out now. Although, again not much drama there. It was a little weak. But at least they agree to be nothing but friends. We’ll see how long that lasts, but whatever.

Time to vote someone into “The Pit”! Cue the evil music. Dan decides to make it an easy decision. He is ready to move past Tori, so he volunteers to go into “The Pit”. This actually makes David cry. WHAT?! Yeah, apparently David became good friends with Dan. They could talk about nothing for hours. That’s why David was really so excited to get on the RV. He wanted to talk to Dan. That’s a little weird, but only because of the crying. They haven’t known each other THAT long. Meanwhile, Tori says that there should be no more talk of her and Dan. He is not the man for her.

Now it’s time for the viewers to vote for his competition. Will it be Shane, Derek, Jerry, or Lamonte? You can vote NOW (assuming the polls are still open when you go to the site) at! As for my final thoughts on this episode. As far as the Tori and Dan relationship. Actually, I spoke with Adam about this the other day in my interview with him. He can really explain that situation better than me, since he was actually there on the RV with them. So I will save most of that for his interview. But really I never bought into Dan and Tori having a “relationship” with each other. It just seemed “too forced” like most relationships on these shows. Again, Adam has more insight on that later this week. As for the mission this week, it didn’t look that hard on TV. I’m sure walking in the snow in snowshoes and digging up some snow is hard, but it didn’t look that hard. Even the icy water looked like fun. I know it wasn’t, but this was not nearly as exciting as watching people throwing up after running up the hills of sand, while they carried tires. As for David, I think he makes a good addition to the team so far. And that’s about all I got for this week.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, as I PROMISE you that I will bring you the interview I did with Angel earlier this week.

Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge airs on MTV on Wednesday nights at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT time

For the first time ever, the audience is in control of the game. With a real-time shoot schedule, viewers rule this new season as they call the shots to determine which of the Road Rulers will end up in the Pit Battle elimination round at the end of each episode and who from the Pit Crew will replace the loser. It all happens at where Road Ruler hopefuls can enter to win a chance to become part of the Pit Crew. Fans can also browse Road Ruler blogs, watch online-only previews and find other exclusive Road Rules content.

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