DCNV Special: June Solicitations


As promised, here is the review of DC’s June releases. Feel free to look at them yourself at Comic Book Resources if you wish to shape your own opinions. Why you’d want to, I don’t know, but feel free.

Detective Comics #833This is the rare Bianchi cover that actually looks pretty good.

Also noteworthy? I think this is the first Dini story that is running for more than one issue.

Batman #667Oooo, I am psyched for this story. I love “Ten Little Indians” riffs.

Nightwing #133Nightwing’s lost year = Nightwing Year One and a Half? Or Nightwing Year Half? Either way, I’m just not all that interested. Can’t we have current era Nightwing stories that are good? Please, DC? Or is Didio’s grand plan to “kill” the character through fan disinterest? If so, he’s off to an excellent start.

Robin #163Wow…like the cover. Neat perspective. I’m pretty sure it is physically impossible, but I dig it.

All-Star Superman #8Yay! Another issue is always cause for celebration!

Supergirl #16Oh dear God!

Are they multiplying?

Countdown #47-44I’ve read some less than positive reviews of this cover, but…

…I dig it. I think it is an iconic depiction with a twist that makes it clear things are quite right.

The All-New Atom #12This could very well be leading to the end of a book I like, but I am sure am looking forward to this “Finding Ray Palmer” storyline.

Birds of Prey #107This cover seems very Sales or Cooke esque to me. Is it really Scott’s work?

Checkmate #15Sweet Egg Fu!

Green Lantern Corps #13Another great Gleason cover.

Are his interiors back up to this standard?

Justice League of America #10Everyone’s down on Turner making Power Girl’s breasts too large, but come on! Power Girl has big breasts! That’s her thing. I ask you, look at this cover honestly.

Do they really look abnormally large to you? Or are we all just picking on it because it’s a Turner cover and that’s a requirement?

Green Arrow #75Black Canary looks like how I feel about this whole “Green Arrow and Black Canary getting married” thing.

Trials of Shazam #8Wow…Jesus has been working out, huh?

Wonder Woman #10Nice use of color on this cover. I like it.

Danger Girl: Body Shots #3Wow…you’ve gotta respect that what this book is willing to do by way of gratuitousness.

That’s true commitment.

Gen 13 #9I’m sort of done with this book…is that okay?

Aquaman PosterThe new Aquaman? Sort of pimp!