5oz of Fury: GSP, Henderson, Leben, and More!

As of this writing, there’s nothing new on the UFC/Zuffa/Pride deal, but it is causing people to draw a comparison between Dana White and WWE boss Vince McMahon. Outside of the fact that they’ll both be bald on April 2nd, there is no comparison. One is a shrewd businessman who has a sense of what the fans want, and gives it to them. The other is Vince McMahon, who lately lives off of the nostalgia of when things didn’t suck as bad.

So until they start to dress Josh Koscheck and Pete Sell in green leotards…

According to her official website, the oh-so-sexy Rachelle Leah is in Montreal filming an edition of UFC All Access with Georges St. Pierre. There’s no date set yet, but you would have to assume it will be the weekend of UFC 69. All of the Spike TV specials are excellent (and a great entry point for any new fan), but I particularly like All Access. I’m always fascinated with the different fighters diet and training regimen, and just how much dedication and discipline it takes to prepare for one twenty-five minute fight every couple of months.

There’s an interesting interview with Pride Middleweight and Welterweight champion Dan Henderson up on MSNBC.com. And while they didn’t touch on the rumours, Henderson did say that his next goals are to fight Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva to win their titles as well. Personally, I think the coolest thing aboot the rumoured UFC/Pride deal (and with WEC for that matter) is the fact that we can get a guy to hold multiple titles in all the different organizations.

How sick would it look to have Dan Henderson walk-in to the octagon with Team Quest behind him hoisting all his titles in the air?

I find it to be most impressive that this never leaked out, but according to a report in the OC Register, Diego Sanchez tested positive for marajuana after his December 13th victory over Joe Riggs. He was charged a $500 fine and suspended for three months, which he served so he’s still good to go at UFC 69. There’s been some rumbling amongst da’ net nerds aboot why the UFC would keep this from us. It’d be one thing if it was anabolic steroids and they were stripping someone of a title, but they don’t need to report everytime soemone fails a piss test. Besides, have you seen Joe Rogan lately? I say no harm, no fowl.

I got a message from my good friend Chris Leben. When I say “good friend,” I mean that in a MySpace kinda way. And actually it’s not so much friends with him as it is friends with his fan club, but that’s hardly the issue here. What’s important is that he says he’s off the sauce (which is a hip way of saying he doesn’t drink anymore) and confirmed that he will be fighting Kalib Starnes at UFC 71. It should be interesting because where Leben got choked out during his last match because he refused to tap; I seem to remember Starnes for being a big baby during TUF3.

Albeit a big baby that could kick my ass eight ways from Sunday.

It’s a damn good time to be Mike Swick lately. There’s a great article aboot him on NBC Sports, look at his upcoming Houston homecoming, the time he lived in Russia, a heart disease he had, and a lot more. Plus, he landed a role in “Never Submit,” the MMA themed movie everyone is talking aboot. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an inspirational tale similar to “Rocky,” but the lead character is an intelligent young man (as are most fighters competing in this sport) rather than a beaten-down punch-drunk fighter.

He fights Yushin Okami at the upcomning UFC Shootout, and you’d have to imagine a victory (which would make him 6-0 in the UFC) would put him right behind Rich Franklin in the title hunt.

To further fuel the UFC/Pride rumours, there’s one going around that Pride fighter Mauricio “Shogun” Rua signed a deal that gives him two Pride fights and two UFC fights. I don’t know where the rumor originates from (or how credible it is) but the other part of it has him fighting Keith Jardine at UFC 71 in May. So…::shrugs::

Team Quest…Chute Boxe…Miletich Fighting…Greg Jackson’s Academy…what team has the best fighters?


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