The Most Ridiculous Item of the Week – 3.23.07

My girlfriend told me this past week that I need to be less negative. So, while I could very well have something about Nickelback being as ridiculously successful as they are despite the fact that they suck balls, I’ll instead go with something that doesn’t make me quite as angry.

Justin Timberlake recently told Details magazine, in an interview for an upcoming issue, that he regrets having performed at the Grammys, as he sang a medley—including a duet with “My Grammy Moment” winner and American Idol loser Robyn Troup—in the middle of the Feb. 11 broadcast. In fact, he almost ended up canceling the performance, though he decided it was not enough of a notice, and did the performance despite suffering from a severe head cold and being otherwise apprehensive about the whole thing.

“I feel like the Grammys used me for ratings,” he cried (quite possibly a river’s worth). He added, “I’m the nice guy who follows through on the things he commits to, but I don’t know if I’ll be going through that sort of thing again,” hinting that Grammy organizers took advantage of his “nice guy” attitude.

Here’s a thought… do your f*cking job. You don’t have some sort of grunt job like the rest of us. You get paid millions of dollars a year to cut an occasional album, tour once in a while, and f*ck women like Scarlett Johannson, Kirsten Dunst and Cameron Diaz. Must suck to be you, shitcock. I’ve gone to work sick and/or hungover plenty of times, and I don’t ever bitch about it. Most people don’t. You’re an entertainer, and seeing as you were nominated for several Grammys, it’s your f*cking responsibility to go out there and perform. That’s how the industry works. And don’t say shells about being “used.” The Grammy organizers used you just as much as you use people with shitty taste in music to buy your albums, giving you the money to buy a nice big bed in which to nail Sienna Miller.

So much for that “less negativity” thing.

On second thought, f*ck him. The 10 minutes that he ate up could have been easily allotted to The Police for at least three more songs. I don’t think anyone would have complained.