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Welcome to A Modest Response. Before we get to this week’s news, a few of you expressed interest/concern over when my columns go up. Rest assured, it doesn’t occur haphazardly, but is every Friday around noon. If you ever want to check if a new column is up, go to the Pulse Wrestling main page and click on the right sidebar where it says Pulse Glazer. This is my author page and any new article will immediately find its way to the top of this section. Should you be looking for all new articles or news, further down on that same side of the screen is Commentary, which will take you to all articles with commentary, such as my own, or Big Andy Mac’s or, for news, the News link which takes you to all the latest news posted on Pulse Wrestling. Hope this was useful. On to the news.

News of Honor

Bryan Danielson will be back soon

To me, this is easily the best news of the week. He’ll be touring with NOAH in April so the educated speculation is that he’ll return for the May ROH shows. He’s a great showman for the crowd and I can’t wait to see him live next month.

ROH Posts a new Video Wire

This one is interesting mostly because it has Joe’s final ROH moments.

KENTA and Marufuji to be on 5/11 in Hartford and 5/12 in NYC

These two, hopefully in separate matches, make these shows immediate must-see shows. I was wavering on going to the Hartford show before this, but now there’s no question.

In other News

Jeff Jarrett is expected back as a face by late Spring

He’s a terrible face and dominates TV time. If I could stomach TNA, I’d be upset.

Wrestlemania 24 to take place at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando

So if you’re in the Orlando Area, keep your eyes out for ticket information. If ROH runs shows in the area the days before, like they have this and last year, then I’ll be heading down for a packed Mania weekend.

The Bashams are still set to join TNA

I like this team. If TNA had any actual time for them or were feuding them with someone more interesting than VKM, I’d be curious about this. I really hate being this negative, by the way, but TNA cannot seem to do anything right of late.

Reportedly the New Breed will win at Wrestlemania and the Originals will fail to be featured from then on

Well, looks like Punk feuding with the New Breed makes more sense now since they have to wrestle somebody. My idea from two weeks ago now makes even more sense.

WWE plans to push Rey Mysterio as a major face

He’s hugely over and moves massive merchandise. This shouldn’t even be a question.

WWE still might sign Mistico, Stephanie wants to repackage him

If the idea is to build off of his being a draw in Mexico for the Hispanic audience this makes no sense. I’m curious to see how they work around the contract.

This Week on Pulse Wrestling

Andy Wheeler has a very good article on CM Punk turning heel. It’s a good point, except that he fails to take into account how rare it is that the fanbase makes a major star out of a new face on their own. That, along with the merchandise sales it creates, make Punk a far more potentially valuable asset as a face.

Biscuti talks women’s wrestling. I’d love a debate/discussion on this with a Puro guy who specializes in Joshi (Japanese Women’s Wrestling).

Eric S continues to sell Cena short in the ring. He isn’t Benoit obviously, but he is much improved. Eric has a habit of hating certain performers even as they are visibly working hard and improving. See his old articles about The Rock/Flex for more information.

Murray continues to look at the good on all three WWE shows. Really, a very good read to be had here, give it a shot.

Brashear hits some CMLL stuff, but my interest in Lucha is very limited.

New writer, Mark Allen tackles the history of the Elimination Chamber. I was at the very first one and it’s still a bit underrated. Go with a history of War Games soon Mark and you’ve made a fan of me!

Blatt is kicking the hell out of ECW.

Column of Honor: Andy Mac looks at who can topple the Japanese Behemoth: Takeshi Morishima. This is a great look at the five most likely men to defeat Morishima for the Ring of Honor World Title. Since Andy took the top five, I’ll go with the next five, including a few long shots for this week’s A Modest Response

A Modest Response: Five Other Men who can Topple the Behemoth

No sense in coming up with my own opening; I’ll just steal Andy’s:

Before reading any further you should note that I do not think Morishima will be losing the title any time soon, but he will not be champion until Doomsday or RoH closes its doors. Someone will beat him. Someone has to. The big question is Who?

For Andy’s picks, please click the link above. It’s the Column of Honor for a reason and Andy does indeed name the five most likely candidates to take the ROH belt. Here are five other candidates to defeat Takeshi Morishima and become the next Ring of Honor Champion.

Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana has received more ROH World title shots than anyone else, but he matches up particularly well with Takeshi Morishima. Colt is a big man, but quite agile, so his strength and speed match up well with Morishima. While he isn’t likely quite as fast or strong as the behemoth, he has two other major advantages: his antics and the European style. Colt uses comedy antics to throw his opponents off their game. It’s doubtful Morishima has encountered anyone quite like Cabana before and this could make a huge difference in how the match unfolds. Also giving Colt an advantage, his proficiency with the European style would further perplex Morishima thereby giving Cabana a great shot at unseating the champion.

Davey Richards

In 2004 a major heel stable, Generation Next, was lead by Alex Shelley. Austin Aries decided that Shelley had served his role as leader for long enough and turned on Alex Shelley immediately prior to taking the Ring of Honor World Title from unbeatable monster, Samoa Joe. It’s easy to take this situation and draw parallels with Davey Richards, member of Roderick Strong’s stable. Davey is often considered Austin Aries light and could follow in his footsteps by claiming control of the company’s most prestigious title. Davey is a young stud who has the potential to be a once a generation phenom. His amazing skill could easily translate to results with him following in Aries footsteps and defeating the unbeatable monster; only this time, that monster is Takeshi Morishima.

Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio has a presence that is almost unmatched on the Ring of Honor roster. Whatever match he is in, he brings quite the charisma to. He’s been compared to a young Triple H and the comparison is quite apt. A man without any love from the ROH locker since he turned on them for CZW only to later be betrayed by Chris Hero, what better way for him to make ROH his home again than by claiming its biggest prize? Claudio is another big, fast athlete who matches up well with Morishima, but after his WWE signing fell through and his best friend betrayed him, his motivation to prove that he still belongs in Ring of Honor could be his most powerful asset.

Jimmy Rave

Jimmy Rave is a self-reliant, evil bastard. He’s currently out with an injury but has been displaying a drive unlike any other man on the entire roster. His feud with Nigel McGuinness was among the hottest on the card and although he lost, he showed a will and determination that could easily carry him to the top. With his new finisher, the Heel Hook, Rave is uniquely qualified to chop down the behemoth. What’s a strength advantage worth, after all, when you don’t have the strength to stand up?

Jack Evans

Besides Jimmy Jacobs, mentioned in Andy’s article, this is my favorite possibility. Ring of Honor has never had a pure high flier as the main champion and Jack Evans would fit wonderfully as the first. A sub par wrestler as little as two years ago, a lot of time in Dragon Gate has rounded him into form and with his hard work he is now a very good worker and the single most impressive high flier in North America today. Jack’s high flying is something Morishima may have no answer for. He can’t have faced anyone quite like Jack before because there is no one quite like Jack. The speed and high flying skill of Evans might be just the panacea needed to rid ROH of the Morishima run.

There you have it, five Ring of Honor longshots to take the gold from Morishima. Be sure to tune in next week when I’ll have a huge preview of the Ring of Honor weekend shows and a little event called Wrestlemania!

Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.