5oz of Fury: Much Ado About Dana White

Do you remember the scheduled boxing exhibition between Dana White and Tito Ortiz? You know, Dana got licensed from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Spike TV had a ninety minute special planned, is it coming back to you now? Well, they were going to tape it today…but Tito Ortiz never showed up for the weigh-in. So sayeth Dave Meltzer:

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission was not happy with this turn of events as they had officials there. Dana White was there and got weighed-in. There was no communication from Ortiz as to why he wasn’t there. Ortiz did call White and leave him a messages saying that he was letting him off the hook, but White didn’t think that message meant he was canceling the match.”

The NSAC said they have no plans to reschedule the fight, because it was already a giant waste of theirs and their staff’s time. There’s yet to be a comment from Dana White or the UFC.

Dana did however comment on the rumored purchase of Pride. In exclusive comments to Sherdog.com, White said there is not a concrete deal in place for Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta to purchase PRIDE at this time, and that about seventy percent of what we heard is bullshit. But what about those reports that say Pride president Nobuyuki Sakakibara had informed everyone it was about to be sold to the Fertittas? So sayeth Mr. White:

“I ran Wanderlei Silva out there and said he was going to fight Chuck Liddell because Mr. Sakakibara said it was done. So take that for what its worth.”

There were rumours that he was going to be in Japan this Tuesday for a Pride press conference. No word on if that falls under then seventy percent.

Pat Miletich, coach of the Quad City Silverbacks and Grand Puba of Miletich Fighting Systems, did an interview with CBS Sportsline. He discussed the Silverbacks, the IFL, and just how much cooler MFS is to anything else. He also had a few words on his apparent falling out with Dana White. So sayeth the Croatian Sensation:

“Basically it comes down to honesty, and if somebody does something that is dishonest, I give them another chance. When they do it two, three, four, five, six times, well they’ve sort of used up their friendship, so to speak. Dana is not quiet about basically stating that he’s not in the business to make friends, he doesn’t care if he has friends, and that way of thinking to me comes back to haunt a person. If he ever did something that made me trust him, well, maybe I’ll give him another chance. But up until this point, he hasn’t done anything for me that has made me be able to trust him, unfortunately.”

He didn’t specify what exactly he was talking about, but it may have had to do with him and Carlos Newton originally picked to coach Ultimate Fighter 3. So…::shrugs::

What do you think of the Pride rumors?


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