Depp And Banderas In Sin City??

Credit: MTV

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez hit the scene big time back in 2005 with the release of Sin City which told three different stories that all interconnected in some way or another.

A sequel was almost inevitable and it seems to be on the verge of almost getting bigger then the first one. The second film focuses on an earlier story (“A Dame To Kill For”) of Dwight (Clive Owen) as he wanders the dark streets of Sin City looking to exact revenge upon the woman who did him wrong, Ava Lord (rumored to be Rachel Weisz). Other sub-plots involving many other characters are included as well, but unlike the first film this one will be told straight through in one big story.

A huge array of stars is already lined up to star in the film such as Mickey Rourke, Michael Clarke Duncan, Owen, Jessica Alba, Powers Boothe, Danny Trejo, Rosario Dawson and many more.

Well, with a second film comes a third as well with Miller and Rodriguez making the franchise into a trilogy. The third film will be centered on the story “Hell And Back.” Here an ex-Navy Seal named Wallace has intervened in a young woman’s life and convinced her not to kill herself. Later though, she is kidnapped by a mysterious group and Wallace will stop at nothing to get her back.

The third film will surely have a huge cast of stars including many from the first two in the series. But MTV has released news straight from the mouth of Robert Rodriguez himself. Two more big stars are supposedly headed to join the fun.

“He (Johnny Depp) was interested in doing the Jackie Boy character that Benicio (del Toro) played [in the first one], but he was doing that movie ‘Libertine’ in Europe and it just kept getting pushed and delayed and went right through our shooting schedule,” Rodriquez said of the actor he directed in “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.” “But there is a better role for him in (“Hell and Back”). I kept going, ‘Gosh, Jackie Boy is a small part, he could be really good (as Wallace”.’ When he wasn’t available, I thought maybe it was meant to be.”

Depp is not yet signed on to star in the role of Wallace but Rodriguez is convinced he will be happy to come aboard. Another big star looking to appear in Sin City is Antonio Banderas who is a long time friend of the director.

“When I showed him the first sample of the work, he went, ‘Man I’ll do anything in that. I’ll be the hunchback. You have to bring me onboard, that looks amazing,’ ” Rodriguez recalled. “So Frank met him that time too and he said, ‘I have got to find something for that guy. I’ve never met him before. He’s amazing.’ (So we’re) looking at the cast of characters and (looking) to see where he can fit.”

In anticipation for the arrival of both stars in the third film, Rodriguez has actually rewritten some scenes in part 2 to introduce them a little earlier.

Both Sin City 2 and Sin City 3 are due for release sometime next year.