CMLL has decided not to run the Mistico vs. Perro Aguayo Jr mask vs. hair match on their 3/30 PPV. Instead they will do Mistico & Ultimo Guerrero as a face/heel team joining forces for the first time to face Aguayo Jr & Hector Garza as a semi-final under the Marco Corleone vs. Universo 2000 hair vs. hair match. CMLL don’t want to unmask Mistico now he is seemingly staying with them. However, Arturo Rivera, an announcer for the promotion, said he still expects Mistico to go to WWE with the caveat that he could still work big CMLL shows. Rivera added that Mistico wouldn’t get over in WWE and would end up working low on the under-card.

Rey Mysterio and Antonio Pena are going to be the first two entrants in the AAA Hall of Fame. AAA are also in the midst of a gradual upgrade in their production values, with a state-of-the-art lighting grid being purchased for later in the year. Konnan has been pushing them to increase the quality of production, saying that they should not consider CMLL their competition but rather WWE, since WWE plans to run regularly in Mexico regardless of whether a fully separate WWE Latin brand is established. Also, Konnan is going to have a difficult choice to make regarding AAA’s TripleMania event, which is scheduled for the 17th June at Arena Monterrey – the same day as TNA’s Slammiversary PPV. He is bound to get major heat with whichever promotion he doesn’t work for that date.

Howard Finkel and Mike Bucci have called up Shocker, trying to get him to sign with WWE – according to Shocker at least. He is under contract to CMLL but says his goal has always been to work in WWE. However, his bad experiences with TNA have made him reluctant to leave CMLL and he told WWE to go through the CMLL office to book him, which is highly unlikely to happen.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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