Heliosphere in Review, Part Two: Hands On Nation

Heliosphere’s debut album, Hands On Nation, released March 20 from Sector 9 Studios, combines trance, electro pop, EBM and electronic noise over an hour of dance club songs to stomp the night away.

Tracks such as “Move The Gun”, and “Secrets In Motion” demonstrate the aggressive, progressive, and beautiful core that brought the band from a home studio into being a Minneapolis club favorite. “The Memories” and “Taken” are mild surprises, but don’t quite deliver. “45th Street Beatdown”, while an interesting progression, lacks an uniting element to really bring the track together into something more promising. The other tracks either try to be a song by an already established artist or simply don’t bring any new life to a dying genre.

Really, Hands On Nation suffers from over-production.

What appears on the album pale in comparison to the earlier versions that previously were online at their MySpace page. The one track that should have been on this album is “All Eyes Nation” (self-released single in 2005) as it exemplifies what Heliosphere were, and should be.

Website: Heliosphere